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Kitten's Meewsings 01

Crado "Kitten" Ka'aden Log

DAMN THAT MONSTER! Killed my wife, nearly killed me, stole my ship, and worst yet he did it all with lies and tricks! Oh, I’ll give you that game you wanted, you sith swine, and I’ll win. Keeping this chronicle so anyone unfortunate enough to find my corpse can hear my tale. But… where to begin?

I suppose you can say I’m a true Cathar, if my body/bones didn’t give it away. Born and raised by parents, and exceeding their expectations, and my other siblings. Having trained and worked hard, I managed to top everything I’d done, with the help of my wife at least. Saathen, I’ll cherish my memories of her and honor her memory to the best I can. Married early, left early, and apparently trusted the wrong person too early. This Dug, short little four-armed thing with almost no legs, had the clear signs of a veteran hunter about him. Was promised a hunt unlike any other, and told us it would be the chance of a lifetime, as he normally charges a small fortune for it. I fell for it, I did. My wife dead, he tells me nonsense about the hunt finally starting, and I fell unconscious.

I wake up in this shady little bar, but the galaxy moves on even past your worst tragedies like they never happened. They don’t know better, I guess. Talking all this wild gossip about this stupid ‘treasure ship’ thing being found after who knows how long. Thinking I could use a new ride and financing, I start listening. Turns out no-one really knew anything, well I thought so anyway. Then I come across someone who did, so I stalk after them and pick up some nice info, and even manage a chat with the guy. Awesome in that I found a good source, but terrible in terms of usefulness. I need a ship before I can find a ship.

Sometime after that, I spot some people with… an air about them. A bothan that just carried herself different or something, don’t know why I tailed her. Maybe a predator instinct? Hard to say. Other guy looked tough, too. Built almost as sturdy as I was. Sit down like we know each other, and sure enough they heard some interesting info on it too. I proposed that we work together, keeping my immediate priorities for needing a ship hidden, and they agree to let me on to start working on getting to this treasure ship. They’re clearly more worried about the treasure, so I hoped things would work out. We collected info for two days, and these thugs walk in on the second day. I was hoping for a fight, but they were talked out of it.

Well, that aside we headed out to where the people who got the ‘evidence’ of this treasure ship came/left from, and we asked about around there. Managed to find the flight-path of these people, so we followed it… kinda. Flight-paths get dated, after all. We get there and it’s this imperial lock-down. So yeah, back to talkin up a storm I guess. After a few creative lies, we caught some nice info. Musta caught the guy at the end of his shift, because after a bit he opened right up. Good thing, too. I hate sitting around. Then again, back to hyperspace where I do nothing but sitting around. Man.

We arrive at our NEW destination, and find ourselves looking around blind. After someone uses the ship’s scanners I didn’t know we had, we found ourselves an S.O.S. of some sort. Strained our eyes waiting for an ambush, had to work in shifts. After that unpleasantness, and no ambush, we made our way to the ship. Turns out they never got a return trip. After some needless trouble landing, (turns out that bothan is WAAAY overprotective of her ship,) we just decide to jump over. The bothan went first. (She’s lucky I didn’t just land the ship after she did.) We followed, and the ship was flat-out empty… mostly.

So, I start walking about with the loner bothan, who seams bothered by teamwork, or maybe just me. Did she have a bad experience with a Cathar? Saathen help me, she’ll learn to trust me. Anyway, the others reported signs of a struggle, but we found evidence of some datapad with the treasure-ship’s location on it. (In hindsight, kinda wish she told me she found that.) So yeah, we meet up right after that, and explore the cargo bay right after that. Turns out they had a good handful of stuff we could use. As we’re loading up for a quick cash-in, this pair of goons attacks us when we’re split up.

I charge back hearing the conflict, but it’s basically over when I get there. The bothan is glued up, and one of the goons is in two pieces. The bothan mentions where the other one ran too, even mentioning where it hid. Seeing her head’s angle, and me kinda in the way, wasn’t exactly an easy spot. She has really good eyes, I’ll need to keep that in mind. So the tough guy charges back there and leaps in dropping the other one non-lethally. Pritty awesome, but I was concerned with cutting the bothan out of her mess. Stuff was like concrete, but I think it sharpened my claws half-decently. Somehow, I doubt that lady was impressed. So, we finished up our fight, and I acted like an idiot for challenging her eyesight in that fight. It just… seamed so off at the time. I didn’t feel stupid at the time, but I do writing this. She barely trusts me as it is.

Anyway, once we finish pirating the ship’s contents, we wake up our prisoner and offer a quick interrogation. He turns out more then helpful, and I almost bothered to remember his name. Which is funny, because I think he was the only person to OFFER his name the whole trip. Turns out he’s a rare race, too. Anyway, he was stranded for stealing, and he told us right where to find the rest of his crew. So… of course we went there. We parked a ways away to keep their anti-air (and the rest I guess) from noticing us. A few days of jungle trekking never hurt anyone, outside of everyone killed doing that. That jungle was horrible, but somehow very fitting. It regrew like crazy, and had some really nasty critters hiding in it. Made short work of the one we found, though. That was a tough time, but we did just fine.

We get to their camp, and it was really underwhelming. Somehow, their lack of discipline was offset by numbers, making us more reluctant then we should have been to outright attack them all. Would have been easy, charge in and take the ship. Use the ship as cover, and ship weapons to blast the rest of them to bits. Well, we snuck over to the building they kept the prisoners in, and fond we had only one left. Sneaking him out, he decided to tell us everything. Which is good, considering his injuries didn’t allow him to make it out of the jungle alive. We now knew where the ship was, but so did they. Almost brought up the ‘kill them all’ option again, but the ten-to-three odds and all. We got back after an even-rougher two days of jungle, and swiftly left to the horde.

Well, we left to an asteroid belt hiding the horde, and nearly destroyed our eyes looking for a specific structure of asteroid. We found it though, maybe half-an-hour before it finished caving in on itself. Makes me wonder, but we pulled some decent-sized boxes out. That stuff should be worth something, but we’ll see. Had some silly focus-crystals in my box. Someone else had some as well. Got some liquid metal of some sort, supposed to be valuable. Got a handful of blasters, kinda worthless but I might take one anyway. Could be good to learn to shoot small-arms. It would suck if I had to take out Draaken without a heavy blaster.

Anyway, sitting on a ship looking at a handful of ‘treasures’ that hold little value. A lot of food, that’ll sell somewhere. And a few useful things, I guess. Anyway, with a little free time I check the holo-net. Who knows, Draaken might advertise. Didn’t find that, but I did find out something REALLY interesting about this bothan and her friends. Now I know why she’s got such good eyes at least, wound up taking out a Moff and a Hutt lord or something. Didn’t really look like her in the footage, though, and never saw most of those other guys. No-wonder she doesn’t trust me. I might just come clean and open up, who knows. They might actually like the idea of hunting down a Dug. (Not likely, but I need to build up their trust without letting them know I found out who they are.) They’re flying the same ship, too. That should be the FIRST thing we fix. New ship with these heavy hitters, and Draaken won’t be able to run. Even if he hides in an imperial HQ, they’ll chase these guys instead of me, and maybe I’ll just waltz right in. This is… probably a plan Saathen would laugh at. I’ll think it over.

Well, new ship, new goals, new life. Can’t wait to get my hands on that Dug! …but, trust first. If I can get these guys to trust me, I could probably convince a Hutt that I’m not edible… or make a convincing stormtrooper. This could come back to bite me, but I’ll just bite it harder. We both need help, and they can clearly get things done. (Curious where they put that jewel or whatever, though. Might ask them about it.)

Man, writing stuff out like this really puts things in perspective. Maybe I’ll keep this current? I wonder if Saathen would laugh at this, too. I miss her already.

((OOC: Don’t think I’ll be giving myself the XP for this one, given the delayed post, but it just feels wrong not putting it out here… unless someone actually thinks I need it or something.))



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