Former Trandoshan sherrif

Garall was born on a small planetoid somewhere in the outer rim territories in a small Trandoshian settlement. While he was still a baby the settlement was destroyed and all the Trandoshians where killed. He was the only on that survived because his mother hid him. A short time after the attack a human came to the ruins to investigate what had happened. Finding the starving baby Trandoshian this kind human raised him as if he was his own son. Garall grew up knowing what it meant to be kind, caring and benevolent being. When he was old enough Garall left his adoptive father to find his place in the universe. He held many jobs here and there, doing many different things. Finally he found a mining job on a small planetoid by the name of Engebo-5. During this time there were many raids on the mining facilities. However none worse than when a huge group of B1 battle droids left over from the Clone Wars. During the attack Garall managed to kill one, and start a counter offensive against the battle droids. Saving all the miners and the facilities, however he paid a hefty price during the droids retreat one of them threw a grenade which exploded in front of him. He woke up a week later being hailed a hero and short one eye. Now how did the company that was in control of the mining operations reward his bravery and their hard work by pulling out. Leaving all the miners without work and trying to find out how to survive on Engebo-5. Soon afterwards the Davengatts arrived and set up a Nerf herding operation. This saved the miners now turned ranch hands and their families they soon renamed the town Landing. Mr. Davengatt hearing about Garall’s heroics during the Battle Droid raid offered him a job as the towns Sheriff. Feeling extreme gratitude towards the Davengatts for all they had done he accepted and decided on his own that he would also do whatever he needed to do to keep them safe.