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Jack's Log (3)

Jewel of Yavin part 3

Well… the rest of today went terribly. Turns out I won’t need to worry about people reading my logs now, ever, as I guess I’m now a crew member of this “Spry Nomad” ship or something. What a shame, because I never even got to see the ship in question. Ah, sith with that noise. I guess I’ll try details.

So, I won a race, attended an auction, and made my way to find some cheap useful armor before the event, which was a very poor choice. Turns out some other group got there before we did, and with massive amounts of noise on top of it. They went and started the party waaay early, and paid for it. Killed half of them, but one of them was some super-ace with a glow-sword called a “Jedi” or some such. Yeah, that sucked. Had some sort of… telekinesis? Extra-Sensory Perception? Several? Damn lady deflected our blasts without looking our way with her sword, and even threw a grenade without looking OR touching it. That was new. Picked up the gem the same way to quell any doubt it was her. Even managed to hit me with my own stun blast, considering how badly I missed the shot ahead of time that was rather talented, especially not looking. Told us to surrender, and half my crew were trying that before she recommended it.

I remembered that suicide wasn’t my game anymore, as much as I enjoyed the Flying Muskrats, and hoped our account-hack went through. Called the employer ahead of time trying to figure out what was going on, and the tag-on I got was worthlessly uninformed. So… we left with everything I could grab. Those should make a nice extra bit of profit. Turns out Aura decided to stay behind to ‘pay for the damage’ or something, which was odd considering she gave me her share of the money on account of knowing what it was for… but it made sense in retrospect.

Yeah, we jump out of hyperspace after that fiasco, and suddenly a whole lot of people are wanted with death marks. Our crew, a handful of the people we just killed, (who apparently killed people I saw during the auction before it happened,) (Oh, and apparently can come back from the dead.) Something went REALLY wrong here. I knew the risks, but hey, things went… odd. Made out with an even 60K, doubled by Aura’s generous donation. I’d probably stick with here, given what she did, but… Well, Aura is dead, and anyone who knowingly associates with me might be put in a similar boat. But… my buddies in the Flying Muskrats won’t mind paying a bill for me beyond the grave… as their previous employer may have been too lazy to mark down… jerk. Should be fun if the imperials decide to arrest them to find me. Good thing I’m not sticking around long, or they’d probably run a trace on the line. Who said I can’t use a computer?

No idea where I’ll go and what I’ll do, but I got that “jedi’s” number… sort-of. Apparantly asking for her (Name withheld here) on the planet of (withheld again, HA!) will get me an audience with her. Sounds sketchy, but I might need to find a subtle way to take advantage of it. She managed to vanish completely from this whole fiasco, and I need talent like that if I wanna stay alive. Heck, maybe I’ll just be useful to her as long as I can stay alive while doing so. Might pick up a trick or two, Aces like that are apparently rare enough. Probably don’t want to mention the “Jedi” part, though. Apparently that word is worth money or something, as I ain’t never heard it before.



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