Dark Times Tuesday - Episodic Star Wars Edge of the Empire at Gryphon Games and Comics

El-RhoY calls everyone to the lounge

“Good Evening Crew of the Spry Nomad. I recently have received a transmission from Mistress Nell. She wanted me to play it before the crew as a whole.”

The silver droid projects a blue holographic image to the center of the room.

“Hello everyone, I wanted to contact you with an update on myself and the survivors of landing. We are all doing well on Alderaan. After a few weeks, Lady Wylla began to grow tiresome of our presence in her estate, and I was able to make contact with the Viceroy himself, Senator Bail Organa, and the family through a fundraiser in our name. In addition the family transferred a small estate to my name on the Northern Continent. I have set up housing for my fellow survivors, we are calling it New Landing. We have also built a small compound for ‘visitors,’ so if you ever need to visit you are always welcome for as long as you need.

In addition, I have transferred to El-RhoY for your group. For your bravery in rescuing us I am transferring each of you 1,000 credits apiece. In addition I have arranged for a modification to your ship. The local shipyard will have access to the funds.

I hope that you are well and that these funds will help you in your dealings. For a little further information, Senator Organa did some discree investigating for me, and found out some information about what caused the catastrophe at Landing. Apparently Goontirk, the Captain of the Madman’s Fortune, recently purchased a vacuum-sealed plasteel coffin that contained a mummified Duro in a murky yellowish gas. Apparently this coffin had been floating around between oddities collectors for the better part of a millennium. This item was nicknamed the “Archregent Vardovin IV, the Lost King of Duro.” However there was never any record of a king of Duro from that time frame. As to the Skekfish, the last skekfish infestation happened during the the Stark Hyperspace War, which required a orbital bombardment of a small moon to destroy them before they spread to rapidly. To save Engebo it would have required a capital ship bombardment in the first 12 hours to keep the infestation from spreading planet wide. I wish there was some way to avenge my father’s death, but alas we were victim of random chance.

To Garall, we miss you but we understand how this tragedy has affected everyone. We hope that you find peace in the stars with out new friends. Please know that there is a home here waiting for you should you wish to return to us.

My friends, if you even need anything please feel free to contact me."

The hologram lingers for a moment then fades.


From Sean. As a reward, each of you earn 1,000 credits to your personal amount. Currently at Port Nowhere you may find any item up to Rarity 6 with the following exceptions: Disruptor Weapons, Poisons, or Black Market Items. The only black market item available is the Data Breaker.

This availability includes Weapons and Armor Attachments. If you wish to install additional modifications from an attachment, include the cost of parts (page 187 core rule book). If you have the mechanics skill, and wish to install it yourself, we will make the role our next gaming session. If you wish to have an NPC install the installation of the modification with cost double for each modificiation to be successfully installed.

For Example, if you want to install a Mono-molecular edge onto a vibro-sword, the weapon costs 750 credits. The attachment costs 1,000 credits. Adding to the two pierce qualities requires either 200 credits and two mechanics checks, or 400 credits and no checks. So the final modification cost would be 1,400 credits to add the mono-molecular edge attachment and the Pierce Weapons Quality twice without any mechanics checks.

For the Spry Nomad, if you choose Mrs. Nell will pay to refill all your projectile weapons, and will cover one attachment up to rarity 6 for as long as it is not a restricted item. For the fighter she has offered to purchase an astromech droid as well as fill the proton torpedoes.

There will also be a forum post covering your in character discussion after this event. Everyone participating in this forum discussion will receive 5 extra XP.



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