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Dear Nell, 1

Video messages to Mistress Nell.

Dear Nell,
I just got your message you sent to us here on the Spry Nomad. It was wonderful to see your face again even though I may be light-years away you and the people of New Landing will never be far from my mind and heart. Like my father Victor I view all of you as family. I just want to make it clear to you all if you should ever need anything I will drop what I am doing and travel to your side faster than a Teek. I know it has been a few weeks since I last saw you guys on Alderaan. I want you to know I am doing well it’s taken me some time to adjust to life on a ship. These folk seem like a trustworthy lot for the most part. Although I still have some doubts about that one droid that works with them. The comment it made back on Engebo-5 still rings in my hearing membranes. I hope that all of you are doing well and will keep moving on with your lives. Ohh and Nell I know you must miss your father but please don’t think ill of him rather try and remember the good times you guys had. I miss you all but I feel it was meant to be in some way, although I wish it didn’t happen the way it did. But I feel like I meant to be out here. Where it possible for me to help even more people and make this universe a better place for all. Keeping you in my heart and mind always, Garall Thull logging out.



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