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Kitten's Meewsings 01
Crado "Kitten" Ka'aden Log

DAMN THAT MONSTER! Killed my wife, nearly killed me, stole my ship, and worst yet he did it all with lies and tricks! Oh, I’ll give you that game you wanted, you sith swine, and I’ll win. Keeping this chronicle so anyone unfortunate enough to find my corpse can hear my tale. But… where to begin?

I suppose you can say I’m a true Cathar, if my body/bones didn’t give it away. Born and raised by parents, and exceeding their expectations, and my other siblings. Having trained and worked hard, I managed to top everything I’d done, with the help of my wife at least. Saathen, I’ll cherish my memories of her and honor her memory to the best I can. Married early, left early, and apparently trusted the wrong person too early. This Dug, short little four-armed thing with almost no legs, had the clear signs of a veteran hunter about him. Was promised a hunt unlike any other, and told us it would be the chance of a lifetime, as he normally charges a small fortune for it. I fell for it, I did. My wife dead, he tells me nonsense about the hunt finally starting, and I fell unconscious.

I wake up in this shady little bar, but the galaxy moves on even past your worst tragedies like they never happened. They don’t know better, I guess. Talking all this wild gossip about this stupid ‘treasure ship’ thing being found after who knows how long. Thinking I could use a new ride and financing, I start listening. Turns out no-one really knew anything, well I thought so anyway. Then I come across someone who did, so I stalk after them and pick up some nice info, and even manage a chat with the guy. Awesome in that I found a good source, but terrible in terms of usefulness. I need a ship before I can find a ship.

Sometime after that, I spot some people with… an air about them. A bothan that just carried herself different or something, don’t know why I tailed her. Maybe a predator instinct? Hard to say. Other guy looked tough, too. Built almost as sturdy as I was. Sit down like we know each other, and sure enough they heard some interesting info on it too. I proposed that we work together, keeping my immediate priorities for needing a ship hidden, and they agree to let me on to start working on getting to this treasure ship. They’re clearly more worried about the treasure, so I hoped things would work out. We collected info for two days, and these thugs walk in on the second day. I was hoping for a fight, but they were talked out of it.

Well, that aside we headed out to where the people who got the ‘evidence’ of this treasure ship came/left from, and we asked about around there. Managed to find the flight-path of these people, so we followed it… kinda. Flight-paths get dated, after all. We get there and it’s this imperial lock-down. So yeah, back to talkin up a storm I guess. After a few creative lies, we caught some nice info. Musta caught the guy at the end of his shift, because after a bit he opened right up. Good thing, too. I hate sitting around. Then again, back to hyperspace where I do nothing but sitting around. Man.

We arrive at our NEW destination, and find ourselves looking around blind. After someone uses the ship’s scanners I didn’t know we had, we found ourselves an S.O.S. of some sort. Strained our eyes waiting for an ambush, had to work in shifts. After that unpleasantness, and no ambush, we made our way to the ship. Turns out they never got a return trip. After some needless trouble landing, (turns out that bothan is WAAAY overprotective of her ship,) we just decide to jump over. The bothan went first. (She’s lucky I didn’t just land the ship after she did.) We followed, and the ship was flat-out empty… mostly.

So, I start walking about with the loner bothan, who seams bothered by teamwork, or maybe just me. Did she have a bad experience with a Cathar? Saathen help me, she’ll learn to trust me. Anyway, the others reported signs of a struggle, but we found evidence of some datapad with the treasure-ship’s location on it. (In hindsight, kinda wish she told me she found that.) So yeah, we meet up right after that, and explore the cargo bay right after that. Turns out they had a good handful of stuff we could use. As we’re loading up for a quick cash-in, this pair of goons attacks us when we’re split up.

I charge back hearing the conflict, but it’s basically over when I get there. The bothan is glued up, and one of the goons is in two pieces. The bothan mentions where the other one ran too, even mentioning where it hid. Seeing her head’s angle, and me kinda in the way, wasn’t exactly an easy spot. She has really good eyes, I’ll need to keep that in mind. So the tough guy charges back there and leaps in dropping the other one non-lethally. Pritty awesome, but I was concerned with cutting the bothan out of her mess. Stuff was like concrete, but I think it sharpened my claws half-decently. Somehow, I doubt that lady was impressed. So, we finished up our fight, and I acted like an idiot for challenging her eyesight in that fight. It just… seamed so off at the time. I didn’t feel stupid at the time, but I do writing this. She barely trusts me as it is.

Anyway, once we finish pirating the ship’s contents, we wake up our prisoner and offer a quick interrogation. He turns out more then helpful, and I almost bothered to remember his name. Which is funny, because I think he was the only person to OFFER his name the whole trip. Turns out he’s a rare race, too. Anyway, he was stranded for stealing, and he told us right where to find the rest of his crew. So… of course we went there. We parked a ways away to keep their anti-air (and the rest I guess) from noticing us. A few days of jungle trekking never hurt anyone, outside of everyone killed doing that. That jungle was horrible, but somehow very fitting. It regrew like crazy, and had some really nasty critters hiding in it. Made short work of the one we found, though. That was a tough time, but we did just fine.

We get to their camp, and it was really underwhelming. Somehow, their lack of discipline was offset by numbers, making us more reluctant then we should have been to outright attack them all. Would have been easy, charge in and take the ship. Use the ship as cover, and ship weapons to blast the rest of them to bits. Well, we snuck over to the building they kept the prisoners in, and fond we had only one left. Sneaking him out, he decided to tell us everything. Which is good, considering his injuries didn’t allow him to make it out of the jungle alive. We now knew where the ship was, but so did they. Almost brought up the ‘kill them all’ option again, but the ten-to-three odds and all. We got back after an even-rougher two days of jungle, and swiftly left to the horde.

Well, we left to an asteroid belt hiding the horde, and nearly destroyed our eyes looking for a specific structure of asteroid. We found it though, maybe half-an-hour before it finished caving in on itself. Makes me wonder, but we pulled some decent-sized boxes out. That stuff should be worth something, but we’ll see. Had some silly focus-crystals in my box. Someone else had some as well. Got some liquid metal of some sort, supposed to be valuable. Got a handful of blasters, kinda worthless but I might take one anyway. Could be good to learn to shoot small-arms. It would suck if I had to take out Draaken without a heavy blaster.

Anyway, sitting on a ship looking at a handful of ‘treasures’ that hold little value. A lot of food, that’ll sell somewhere. And a few useful things, I guess. Anyway, with a little free time I check the holo-net. Who knows, Draaken might advertise. Didn’t find that, but I did find out something REALLY interesting about this bothan and her friends. Now I know why she’s got such good eyes at least, wound up taking out a Moff and a Hutt lord or something. Didn’t really look like her in the footage, though, and never saw most of those other guys. No-wonder she doesn’t trust me. I might just come clean and open up, who knows. They might actually like the idea of hunting down a Dug. (Not likely, but I need to build up their trust without letting them know I found out who they are.) They’re flying the same ship, too. That should be the FIRST thing we fix. New ship with these heavy hitters, and Draaken won’t be able to run. Even if he hides in an imperial HQ, they’ll chase these guys instead of me, and maybe I’ll just waltz right in. This is… probably a plan Saathen would laugh at. I’ll think it over.

Well, new ship, new goals, new life. Can’t wait to get my hands on that Dug! …but, trust first. If I can get these guys to trust me, I could probably convince a Hutt that I’m not edible… or make a convincing stormtrooper. This could come back to bite me, but I’ll just bite it harder. We both need help, and they can clearly get things done. (Curious where they put that jewel or whatever, though. Might ask them about it.)

Man, writing stuff out like this really puts things in perspective. Maybe I’ll keep this current? I wonder if Saathen would laugh at this, too. I miss her already.

((OOC: Don’t think I’ll be giving myself the XP for this one, given the delayed post, but it just feels wrong not putting it out here… unless someone actually thinks I need it or something.))

The Diary of Dr. Tal'Kabo Utcats, 3
The Jewel of Yavin, Part III

Damn damn damn!
All that work for nothing – worse than nothing! I should have shot that damn drall in the bar and run away from this mess. I can’t even begin to understand why I was even dragged along for the heist itself, or why I went along with it, given my age. Damned youthful enthusiasm, I’m too old for this crap, I should have learned better in the Clone Wars. And since I might as well be as dead as the Seperatists, I guess I can finally write openly about encountering a gods-of-every-planet forsaken Jedi. If the whole damn mess wasn’t bad already with a damn raiding party coming down on the gem from the other side, the damn Jedi was the only thing that made sense considering the rock itself was labelled “Sith Artifact” from the damn beginning! From every story I remember about Dooku, we’d probably have been better off without the damn thing! Not that things can get much worse. I’m marooned on this uncomfortable brick called the Spry Nomad, until I can figure out what to do with myself. At the very least I was able to wire the remainder of my debt to the damn Hutt before he got wind of the bounty on me. I swear his jowls will be the last thing I miss seeing even in hologram. That leaves me with just over 50,000 credits and nowhere civilized to go back to.

I’ve been reviewing the footage from the Imperial transmission on Bespin. The bothan girl they showed, Sei, she’s the one I picked up on Coruscant years ago. I’m afraid I might have been a little bit ABSOLUTELY LIVID when I politely sent her a message to forget about the favor she owed me and stay the hell away from my life. Now that that’s one potential source of trouble down, I just have to find a nice place out of Imperial reach to settle down for the long haul… Maybe those Talusians – and yes I’m naming that race after me – could still use a trickster god.

Jack's Log (3)
Jewel of Yavin part 3

Well… the rest of today went terribly. Turns out I won’t need to worry about people reading my logs now, ever, as I guess I’m now a crew member of this “Spry Nomad” ship or something. What a shame, because I never even got to see the ship in question. Ah, sith with that noise. I guess I’ll try details.

So, I won a race, attended an auction, and made my way to find some cheap useful armor before the event, which was a very poor choice. Turns out some other group got there before we did, and with massive amounts of noise on top of it. They went and started the party waaay early, and paid for it. Killed half of them, but one of them was some super-ace with a glow-sword called a “Jedi” or some such. Yeah, that sucked. Had some sort of… telekinesis? Extra-Sensory Perception? Several? Damn lady deflected our blasts without looking our way with her sword, and even threw a grenade without looking OR touching it. That was new. Picked up the gem the same way to quell any doubt it was her. Even managed to hit me with my own stun blast, considering how badly I missed the shot ahead of time that was rather talented, especially not looking. Told us to surrender, and half my crew were trying that before she recommended it.

I remembered that suicide wasn’t my game anymore, as much as I enjoyed the Flying Muskrats, and hoped our account-hack went through. Called the employer ahead of time trying to figure out what was going on, and the tag-on I got was worthlessly uninformed. So… we left with everything I could grab. Those should make a nice extra bit of profit. Turns out Aura decided to stay behind to ‘pay for the damage’ or something, which was odd considering she gave me her share of the money on account of knowing what it was for… but it made sense in retrospect.

Yeah, we jump out of hyperspace after that fiasco, and suddenly a whole lot of people are wanted with death marks. Our crew, a handful of the people we just killed, (who apparently killed people I saw during the auction before it happened,) (Oh, and apparently can come back from the dead.) Something went REALLY wrong here. I knew the risks, but hey, things went… odd. Made out with an even 60K, doubled by Aura’s generous donation. I’d probably stick with here, given what she did, but… Well, Aura is dead, and anyone who knowingly associates with me might be put in a similar boat. But… my buddies in the Flying Muskrats won’t mind paying a bill for me beyond the grave… as their previous employer may have been too lazy to mark down… jerk. Should be fun if the imperials decide to arrest them to find me. Good thing I’m not sticking around long, or they’d probably run a trace on the line. Who said I can’t use a computer?

No idea where I’ll go and what I’ll do, but I got that “jedi’s” number… sort-of. Apparantly asking for her (Name withheld here) on the planet of (withheld again, HA!) will get me an audience with her. Sounds sketchy, but I might need to find a subtle way to take advantage of it. She managed to vanish completely from this whole fiasco, and I need talent like that if I wanna stay alive. Heck, maybe I’ll just be useful to her as long as I can stay alive while doing so. Might pick up a trick or two, Aces like that are apparently rare enough. Probably don’t want to mention the “Jedi” part, though. Apparently that word is worth money or something, as I ain’t never heard it before.

My dearest Cei Cei
Jewel of yavin part III, Aura's last letter and confession to her sister

My dearest Cei Cei

I’ve been told i’m allowed to write this to you as an honor to Mother and Father. I suspect it’s for propaganda. With this, they’ll have in my own handwriting the truth, and reasons to crack down harder on any resistance to their rule. clear away any doubts that this was just a robbery, and show that there is an organized resistance against it. while this will hurt some, maybe my death will stir others to rise up against this so called Emperor and his regime of horror. if my death does, than i regret that i will only die once.

you’re about to hear some things in the news about me sis. probably already have. they’re all true. we attacked cloud city to steal the jewel of yavin and fund a rebellion against the empire. i wish i could explain why, but when you’re older, i’m sure you will.

the hour is almost on me. i’m being told i need to stop. please know, my last thought will be of your smiling face. maybe what i did here will help it smile freely.


dear Cei Cei
jewel of yavin part II

My dearest Sister

Well, the auction was a rather dreadful affair. That said, I do declare that the young woman i was with was the most beautiful one there. I dare say I got a few stares of jealously. You wouldn’t believe this, but I even saw my’self a Hutt. promise me you won’t tell mother. She would be beside herself if she thought that was the kind of individual I was now seeing. Well, back to the auction, it was a proper affair, with all the mind numbing boredom implied until a bit of excitement. It seems my date’s friend ex boyfriend was there, and I guess it was a bad breakup as at one point he came over an started yelling at her. well, the excitement was just too much for us, and we left seeking more enlightened company.

as always my love to mother and father

Sei's Log Entry 10
Session 10, Personal Log

The last few days have been rather strangely focused here at Port Nowhere. People are talking about a survey ship that rumor has it is close to finding some ancient treasure ship. At first I thought we’d ignore this in favor of more… realistic opportunities, but when we all put together the information we’d gathered we figured we had enough to go on to warrant at least the attempt of tracking down this myth, and if worst came to worst we could sell the information while it was hot. So we’re headed to Terminus to get more accurate information about this survey ship.

Lehon. Also known as Rakata Prime. Just being in orbit around that place had my fur crawling, fortunately we somehow managed to get some needed information out of the local imperial picket ships so our visit was brief. The ship we’re looking for left ages ago, Grethilar here we come.

Coming into the system, we’ve detected a distress signal from one of the asteroids in orbit around a terrestrial planet. We’re taking it slow since we don’t want to run into whatever sent our quarry into distress. Not much info on this backwater except that it exists, plenty of asteroids though, a great place to stash treasure.

Investigating the signal was the most exciting part of this so-called “adventure” thus far. Ruda had an inordinate amount of trouble performing a simple docking maneuver – something to do with the Cathar in her ear. I didn’t expect her to actually let the Cathar have a shot at docking either but after the cat failed I feel certain no one will be piloting the Karstag except Ruda. I was prudent about it and after the second time I simply opened the airlock and jumped to the grounded ship. While the rest landed and played catch-up I got busy checking out the nearest rooms. Nothing of note there, no bodies or anything. Orso seemed half scared when I came back around the corner with my flashlight. I was able to tell that no one was in the front third of the ship so I was tacitly able to steer the search so that Orso and I took the front while Ruda and the cat took the rear of the ship. When we got to the bridge we found the first real signs of combat, blaster marks everywhere. The computer ran – barely – but trying to pull anything useful out of it fried what was left. There wasn’t a datapad or even so much as a chip floating around, which means it all either got ejected with the air or whoever shot up the place was thorough about not being found out. Orso and I left for the cargo bay to catch up to Ruda.

In the cargo bay we got hit with a nasty shock. I heard a sound in the rafters, which was fortunate because if I hadn’t tried to dodge then I’m sure that glop grenade would have strangled me. Still, getting trapped in that stuff kept me from doing anything in the fight that followed, but I was able to call out to Orso to keep him aware as another assailant went at him with a force pike. Something about the being’s movements seemed oddly restrained at the time but I decided that dealing with the attacker in the rafters was going to have to be my priority. I’ve been practicing actually throwing things around in my spare time, and these abilities I find are very useful now that I’m starting to get a handle on them, day to day, but for some reason I can’t seem to use it as well when I need to. All I managed to do was shift the crate I was intending to throw at the other attacker. I could feel my frustration building, and I was tempted to use it, but fortunately Ruda and the cat came back from the engine room. One shot from Ruda’s “Cannon” pretty much took out the guy with the force pike, but Orso managed to top off the shot by cutting the being in half. The cat decided that getting me out of the glop grenade was the best option, I’ve never seen anyone go at the equivalent of concrete with bare hands – claws or not – before, but it did make a difference. I was finally able to focus enough to sense where the remaining attacker ducked behind the door, Ruda took the hint and coordinated what I’m calling the “Orso Rush.” That rodian is some kind of crazy to be willing to go bare handed against someone with a blaster, but they got him to the ground. After escaping the grenade I had a bit of explaining to do with the cat, honestly I’m rather too used to Ruda knowing about me. I’ll have to be more cautious in the future. Fortunately she doesn’t really know how I saw our attacker moving behind the door, or even that the door was closed at the time. While Ruda and Orso dealt with our prisoner and getting the astromech droid onto the ship for the computer data, I was able to find what was left of the cargo. We ended up with some old but probably worthless pottery, a field kitchen, and a portable shelter – in addition to a concussion grenade, glop grenade, and force pike.
I was able to figure out we’d been attacked by yakor, a species that values treasure hunting of all things. He didn’t seem to attached to his friend, or I was reading him wrong, but in exchange for passage we pretty much got him to cooperate. Turns out he and his late friend tried to rip off their less forgiving comrades and got stranded for it. He explained that they weren’t trying to kill us but just wanted to hold us for negotiation off ship. Ruda explained that “opening up negotiations with what we consider hostile acts tends to get people cut in half,” and I am paraphrasing. Since his old comrades took the people we’re looking for, it looks like we’re going to have to find them now.

Breaking into atmosphere soon. From what the yakor tells me, there are some pretty nasty tree octopus things that we really should watch out for. Hopefully I’ll be able to rest up enough to show these sentients how a real scout operates.

This jungle is atrocious. It looks like days just to travel what I could do in mere hours otherwise. Four canopy layers! We landed as close as we could without being spotted.

Finally a chance to rest. Everyone else seems pretty worn out by having to hack and slash our way through the jungle. Shaking the rust off my survival skills didn’t take as long as I thought, which is fortunate because I was able to spot what has to have been the largest example of land-based seafood I’ve ever seen. All of us firing simultaneously into the thing put it down in seconds. From then on we haven’t encountered anything resembling a predator, but the others are still exhausted.

Finally back on the ship. The yakor has been surprisingly loyal, he could have given us away any number of times but he didn’t. We found only one survivor from the Inquisitor, and we were able to get the information we needed from him, but on the way back I had just found some herbs that looked promising for his medical treatment when the human died. With the pirates looking for him in their ship, we knew we couldn’t stay long. I regret not burying the human, but necessity drove us to haste and stealth. There was no way we could stand up to the firepower above us.
We’re heading for one of the asteroid belts now.

1 crate of misc artifacts from extinct race called Killiks
2 crates of Nova Crystals
1 crate of durillium
1 crate of silvery metal cortosis
1 crate of (old) blaster pistols
1 crate of smaller crates we haven’t opened yet

This is all we were able to get out of the “Hoard of Ages.” With all the holes in that ship it wasn’t hard getting in and out, but something about our ship’s presence must have disturbed whatever delicate balance was keeping the ship from being crushed by the asteroids it was nestled between. We didn’t run into any of the fabled droid guards, but I swear I spotted swarms of them flying out of cracks when the ship finally collapsed. I nearly gave into my frustration again as I tried to pull the yakor out of the ship for his own good; damn treasure hunter almost got himself killed trying to pull out another crate. I didn’t succeed like I wanted to but he was lucky enough to make it after all. I can’t say how much cargo we had to let go of but we’ve managed to get enough to nearly fill the Karstag’s cargo bays, between this and the crates we pulled off the Inquisitor. I’m the only one who managed to come back with some nasty bruises and a slight case of whiplash, comes from having a bulkhead hit me on the way out.
There’s no telling how much any of this is worth, although Ruda seems to be rather googly-eyed over the cortosis for some reason. I forgot what she said about it, I’ll ask later. Right now I’m just rather tired and feeling more than a little sick.

Jack's Log (2)
Jewel of Yavin part 2

Well, things certainly got interesting. Winning that race made things rather annoying, as I am now apparently a small-time celebrity. Their blatant racism making things easier on me though, amazing how useful being ‘visually unappealing’ is regarding these humans. Anyway, got an invitation to see the Jewel of Yavin sold, yeah! It was… really nice looking. Kinda funny, I get the feeling some of the people there were ONLY there to try and con the others out of bidding. Someone said they knew what I was doing, but man, sure wish they’d tell me what that was. I could use the help, amazed I was able to keep things going as well as I did, there was a huge fight. The darn thing sold for just short of a million, as an intellectual person, I can’t help but feel that guy got it on sale anyway. (Despite people trying to preventing him from bidding, good job.)

Sith, I hate being the center of attention. I don’t mind the ‘popular’ at all, but I can’t help but feel somone(s) is (are) probably reading my stuff. Ah well, the rest of my plans today are kinda boring… and difficult, seeing as the whole plan is to vanish. I need some quiet time to think things through. Waaay easier for me then that other human racer, though. If things go well, I’ll be off planet in no-time, with some decent winnings as well. Just gotta keep my new friends in mind. (Though that other racer seams like a fun guy, might tail him if I get the chance. He wrecks more then he flies, kinda funny.) So, to recap on things I mentioned in my last log: Plan is terrible, good odds of two other parties directly interfering with it, and if it goes bad I’ll be as bad off as my family. However, I did get some good money today, and if things do somehow go well my family will finally be safe. (Although poor, I’ll need to work on fixing that afterward.)

The Diary of Dr. Tal'Kabo Utcats, 2
The Jewel of Yavin, Part II

After the excitement of the races, the next part of our caper – talking up the bids – was inordinately tedious. We spent far too long mashing out a plan but when something cohesive finally turned up one of the more brutish of our team turned up smelling of garbage and providing yet another available route to use. Ironically he’d left some time in the beginning of the meeting, I can only surmise what his adventure was.

Still, for all the tedium of relaying the history of valuable gems things did get exciting when the professor’s old flame turned up to spew some enraged nonsense. I was barely able to recoup the situation by relaying some of the history connected to the Jewel of Yavin, and it did indeed surprise me to find that the very dedication of the stone would mention the Sith. Relaying the opposed nature of these Sith to the enemy they found in another cult I was able to draw a distinction between the professor’s nature and the apparent one of her old flame, arguing that for the sake of knowledge and the providing for future generations she could not afford to let the stone slip through her hands. After she maximized her bid I did feel guilty about the impending theft that would occur but I would guess that some of my other comrades had better luck than I because a hutt decided that a show of a million credits would silence everyone else – and indeed it did! Hopefully my comment on the name of the ancient rival to the Sith went unnoticed in the shock that followed. With the bidding closed I feel satisfied leaving our other… comrades… to do their work. If that dratted hamster is about to pull what… well… we’re pulling, I have no doubt that the wookie and the rodian can take care of things on their end.

As far as fencing the rock after all this, it would be convenient to run into that old cult, but I seriously doubt there are any left. It would be a shame to render it into the tiny pieces that are useful to industry.

My dearest Sister
Letter from Aura DeMille to Cei cei DeMille about the Jewel of Yavin adventure

To my dearest Sister Cei cei

I do apologize for how long it has been since I last wrote. It has been an eternity the last time we spoke.

Well now, it appears I have done som# ethin’ Mother would be ever so proud of. I recently arrived at a place called Cloud City, you would just adore the view. It actually floats, if y’all can believe it! The entire city! just floatin’ in the clouds above the cutest gas giant you’ve ever seen. Now, I just stumbled upon the quantest museum, well, what else could I do, I just had to take a look. and wouldn’t you just know it, there was an entire exhibit for someone name Xim the Despot! Kinda reminding ma someone our uncle James loves. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions like, never know whose readin’, and wouldn’t want to do anythin’ to endanger fathers business dealin’s.

Well, i made a couple o good friends here, and one of em was nice enough to take me to a casino to try my luck like. didn’ make any money, but caught the attention of a beauty. i’ll send a holo with this jus’ so y’all can be jealous like. well, now, we got to talkin, and y’ll know the rest of the story. after though, she told me about an auction tomorrow. somethin called the jewel of yavin. a big deal i guess. i ain’t heard of it though. got myself an invitation to see it. figure i’ll wear somethin mother would be proud of. even better, got to see a race. wore a dress and everythin.

mother would be so proud of me. goin to a dignified race, takin in a museum, and an auction tomorrow. I best do somethin abou this quick. don’t want ‘er to think i’m getting all civilized, now, do we?

Jack's Log
Jewel of Yavin Part 1

Time appears to be both going too fast and taking too long. Learned a lot today, but nothing I needed to know. Turns out the Flying Muskrats last member managed to get himself a job, a real shame the rest of the crew weren’t around for it, as this one was HUGE… and exactly the sort of ‘last stand suicide’ we’re used to in that respect, though a bit more technical. Not sure how that guy got our number, but hey I won’t argue. Been a bit of a drag, was hoping to make better progress in the time I had. Pulling it off would probably get my family out of the joint, but the whole ‘suicide’ part bothers me.

So, my first idea was to get hired onto the security detail for this awesome gem of some sort they got starting recently, but the museum is all about not involving people, and the gem’s owner is racist. Well, screw them too, I needed a job. Curious about this rock, I asked around, and it seams there are a number of people who want it. Some lady with too much money, an archeologist, previous entry’s ex trying to smite her, some guy working for some mechanical place, someone with fake credentials who they gave up on dissuading from bidding, some local guy, and a couple high business types… if I recall it offhand correctly. Only one of those people seam interested in the gem itself, the rest seam to want it for it’s price, I don’t understand the rich,I guess. I was hoping to have a chat with some of these people, but a race came up.

Oh man, what a race. Some sort of Grand Prix or something, I happen to know the guy who got himself sponsored into the race overnight, and offered my talents to tag along and help him win, and we did. That should get me taken a bit more seriously when I say I’m qualified to work around here, I hope. Or anywhere else that likes racing, I suppose. That was an adrenalin rush, though. Might just learn to race-pilot proper, would be a fun (and short-lived) career move. I’m awfully grateful they slated us as ‘most likely to suck’ in the odds, as the other pilots shot at us the least. They managed to kill off some explosive jellyfish in our way, though. Right after flying through the thickest flock of birds, that was fun… fun as in ‘not at all.’ The more I needed to co-pilot, the less the pilot wanted my help. That guy is a thrill-seeker, and would be fun to hang out with. I’m glad I snagged his number. Wonder what his plans are later? I guess I should ask. Oh, also won money from the race, and can stop by that gem’s auction if I wanted I guess. I might, but the museum guy doesn’t like me already, so I might not push my luck. The money will come in handy, for my family too if things work out here. That sponsor sure got his money’s worth on that race.

Tomorrow is going to stink. I need to learn a lot about shady people in a short time, and get some stuff from them… in one day no less. I’ve learned no-one likes talking to me around here, and it just makes things really hard. Hope they aren’t all racist, that would be lame. Heard there is a hutt, though, he shouldn’t be racist at least. Debt isn’t a good idea, tough. Just keeping it in mind so I know there are options.

In other news, my new friends seam to have everything they were doing sorted out and handled. Awesome, that means I’m the only one behind schedule, and I might have had the hardest job to work with from the start. (I figure the second-hardest, but it is a ‘black box’ difficulty at this point. That sure makes it harder.) So I need to add ‘learn what I’m doing’ and ‘how to do it’ to that short time limit I mentioned. Makes me wish I had those super-powers advertised in those many holo-window displays I saw walking around the place as much as I did. Nice city, though. I wonder what living expenses and wages are like here? Might be worth looking into if my new friends and I manage to get stuff done over the next couple days. If today and yesterday didn’t set me back so far, tomorrow wouldn’t be so bad. The next day should feel like a cake-walk in comparison, hoping I can go on a small vacation after with my share of those race earnings… they were significant enough. Then again, my family needs the money more then I need a vacation. “Duty first, family second.” My dad was very clear on priorities, I guess “Squad mates” are like family, but currently seam to be priority three. Wonder what my dad would say to that. Would he put ‘fun’ at four?


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