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I'm so stupid!

Ruda Eemiss


I can’t believe how lost I am. Last mission I spent negotiating, salvaging, tinkering, and turned in only a minimal bounty. This mission was supposed to be simple but our ship was damaged in a plasma storm so when we landed I dutifully followed my assigned role as the mechanic and focused only on fixing the ship. I even offered my services as a mechanic to get some extra creds. Maybe I should leave this group. I am becoming lost in this role and my failure to focus on the hunt nearly cost us.

While I was repairing the ship I was told by the rest of the crew they were going to meet with someone. I wasn’t really paying attention as I was focused on repairing the ship quickly to continue our mission. While I was installing a new hyperdrive transducer cooling coil coolant regulator I suddenly realized the name of the being they were to meet was a dangerous bounty. I can’t believe I didn’t realize it right away. I’m supposed to be a bounty hunter! Instead I’m turning into a grease mynok. I commed the crew in time to take the bounty alive but not before they entered into an ambush. It was my failure. I put them all into needless danger. The Bothan and I raced to reinforce them and luckily I arrived in time to stabilize the wounded bounty and acquire it for transport. It was an old Separatist war criminal and I actually took down an old Clone War battle droid, if you can believe that. But we were engaged with various hostile wildlife and had to bug out. I saved as many locals as I could but many perished in the chaos.

I failed in so many ways, mentor. I didn’t connect the name to the bounty until too late. I left my duty on the ship and didn’t complete repairs so I could attempt to acquire the bounty, I didn’t even find the parts we needed; the Bothan found them right away. And I put the safety of the locals above my duty and mission. I am losing my purpose as to why I left home. Too many clan mates said I was too young to venture into the outer rim. You believed in me, but I no longer believe in myself. I’ve caught a few bounties but could I really have done it without the help of the crew? Am I ready to bring honor to our clan or am I just trying to bring honor to myself? I need counsel, mentor. Please advise.


Sei's Log: Entry 4

We were able to get a job retrieving nerfsteak for an Aldaraanian noble. Engebo V is basically one giant pasture so I have my doubts that anything particularly interesting will be found on that planet. My old friend gave our ship a new name for the purposes of matching our transponder. Planet Express is so generic it makes our ship sound like corporate pirate bait, but I wonder if there isn’t some hidden joke behind it.

Ran into a plasma storm on the way in. I think I’ll stick with Ruda this time to help repair the ship. Been feeling guilty about wanting to kill her bounty, not sure I should tell her. I’m feeling that I’m starting to get a grip on things. Most of the crew is suspicious of me, though mostly it is for the reputation of my species, but the odd thing is that I know I can feel it in them with absolute certainty. I no longer think I’m ill after that wound I took almost a month ago, but something about me is different now. If I concentrate the right way I can bring out a sense of the people around me, and when I focus on one person it’s like I can feel what they feel. I just noticed it doesn’t seem to work on droids. Been doing some research into whatever this condition is. I know there’s some races out there with empathic telepathy but bothans don’t just suddenly know what people are feeling after getting shot. The usual search results are still medical journals on telepathic beings, hokey religious nonsense, and rumor forums. And no answers. The galaxy is too big for someone to not have the answer. The fact that none of my old friends have given me any information leads me to conclude I have to find this answer on my own, and the best place for me to look seems to increasingly be the Imperial Archives.

We’ll be landing soon, hope the port doesn’t smell like nerf.

Post-Job Report:

I was able to help Ruda gather the parts we needed to repair the hyperdrive. Funny thing is that as soon as she described the parts to me it was like I felt where they were and what they looked like just from her description. I’m only basically trained in mechanical skills and I wouldn’t have even known what I was looking for without her help but something about my whole situation is starting to seem beyond strange.

After we got back to the ship Ruda basically did all the work with Elrhoy, so I took a minute to collect myself. The rest of the group went off to talk down some plainsdweller with the local sheriff, a trandoshan I didn’t talk to at all. Soon after Ruda heard the name she got really excited and started shouting for everyone to take him alive. Apparently this human was a long-due bounty, an old droid operator turned criminal. I was driving us out on the skiff when suddenly a ship came in burning. When we got there it looked like the group had been fighting off droids when… something else came down on everyone. Skekfish, hundreds of them, attacking and swarming over the nerfs and any organic they could get their teeth on. I saw some nerf-hands cowering next to a building so I took the skiff in and yelled for them to get on. Almost didn’t spot the human in the window pointing his gun out, one shot had him stunned. By that point Ruda had jumped down and yelled at the nerf-hands to help her out carrying the guy I shot. Guess the nerf-hands didn’t hear me. We got the human into the skiff, turns out he was our bounty, but one of the nerf-hands got swarmed on the way out the door. Ruda jumped on after them and the sheriff high-tailed it for his speeder instead of sticking around. Just before we could get away cleanly, a whole herd of flaming nerfs came galloping into us. The smell… the sensation of them suffering and dying in fire and by skekfish was terrible. I had to shoot one off the front of the skiff to get us moving, Ruda got us out of there just when I recalled that Skekfish are half-silicon based, ion cannons could clear the planet of them if done soon enough. I tried calling in for ships with ion cannons but it didn’t work, so I set myself to determining just how badly they’d just infested the planet. Sensors showed a quarter of the world already showing signs of skekfish. Engebo V will be a barren rock in a matter of days at this rate, contaminated for thousands of years if no one clears the eggs afterwards.

Ruda steered us back into town while the others went to the ship. We were only able to save 27 people and our bounty. The battledroid snatched up a crate of the nerfsteak we were supposed to deliver, I should really take a look at his prioritization matrix sometime to determine if he’d rather save us or a client’s shipment.

Our client was… less than empathetic, and not even sympathetic to the survivors of Engebo V. Slie was able to talk her into using our rescue as garnish for her reputation. I had to sit through some droll interview on how beneficent she was in allowing us to forsake most of her cargo to save the village. After Slie was done talking down the Alderaan bitch we were able to drop off the refugees. He seems to have taken a liking to one of the human females, I recognized her from the firefight site on Engebo V but I never caught her name. Hopefully Slie is setting her up as a contact. After helping out the refugees I’m certain now that whatever is happening to me isn’t some kind of crazy. The empathy I felt from the refugees was real, and it made me think more about how honest I should be with the rest of the group. I told Ruda about what I was going to do to her last bounty, and apologized. She told me to be less stupid next time.

The sheriff asked to stick around, everyone seems on board with it. Former-sheriff now I guess. For a trandoshan he’s downright charming, doesn’t seem as condescendingly intolerant of other races as one would expect. Seems to have a thing about droids though, maybe he lost his eye to one.



Gods be praised, battle was was to be had and glory to be earned. There was lots of talking amongst the <goodflesh> of the crew. As usual I gave my assent to whatever in the <place> it is they are doing. So far what they are doing has brought me to battle regularly and for that I am fond of them.

I have recovered some of my programming and my attacks with the force pike are more accurate, though a true weapon it is not.

While following the <goodflesh> and assisting them with their search, some parts to a spaceship, we were lucky to be attacked and though I used the largest weapon I could find, my ability to control a speeder is lacking and I was unable to land it on the skiff and on the <badflesh> as desired. I was able though to roll away from the speeder in time to engage the <beings> but I was pinned by some trash upon my landing. This turned out to be fortuitous, since it put me closest to the <beings> and allowed me to test myself against their pathetic skills with their longarms. They only dislodged some non-critical components, which were easily repaired by the crew later. The stun setting on my force pike was stuck and instead of slaying some of the <beings> I ended up only stunning them. I later determined that the jump jammed the stun setting.

Afte the battle, we wandered the area, but only encountered vermin, none of whom were of a sufficient ability to qualify as <beings> so I mostly assisted as needed and did some self-diagnostics.

It started to look as though there might be some target practice on the vermin, but in the end things were unfortunately resolved without a chance for glory.

We divided up the resulting payment and I am closer to purchasing a servant than i was, though I understand they are quite expensive and I may have to earn much glory before I am able to grace a servant with my reflected glory.

Praise R0-T4 and may N1-D0’s eye find me more <beings>.

Kalira's Journal
Mission 3

Well we finally got around to interrogating the backstabbing gang leader we captured in the last mission. Aparrently, someone has it out for us cause those imperials weren’t there by accident. Other than that little tidbit, the pickings from his brain were rather slim. Of course his brain seemed rather slim as well. At least we got a little bounty from him.
After that sidetrip we got contacted by someone from Sei Toh’s past. I’ve got my own guesses about who Sei Toh is and what happened in her past but this person is obviously important to her because after we got the job she seemed overly anxious and tense for the rest of the mission.
It was a fairly simple job- go find a ship in a junkyard and grab its NAV computer. A hop, skip, and warp jump and we arrived at the galaxy’s biggest trash heap. Me and Sei Toh went to managers office ahead of everyone else and then met the galaxy’s biggest bitch. Literally wanted to extort us just to use the junkyard’s manifest. Once the others got there we were able to haggle her down and at least use the computer to find the section it was located in.
We rented the hovercraft and took my sloop and made our way out to the area the ship was located when we were ambushed by… Bunnies? Okay so they weren’t bunnies but they looked alot like some sort of bipedal rabbits. They apparently live in junkyard and live off the salvage. Ruda being a fellow salvage junky was able to befriend them to some extent and gain their cooperation and they were able to give us some vague directions. I also saw the strangest look in Zaaril’s eye as she almost imperceptibly reached for her bola net- but seemed to restrain herself.
As we continued on me and Sei Toh gained some altitude to search and saw a fairly large attack party catching up to everyone else- we radioed them and were able to setup for a fight. In a short skirmish that is best described as follows: Iggy got lit up, Korbin and Zaaril layed down some impressive fire, Slie and me threw a couple well placed grenades, my poor speeder got wrecked (more than it already was) and Sei Toh mopped up with some good sniping- we finished with the group. Not sure why they were heading the same way as us and so violent, but we obviously aren’t the only ones interested in this NAV computer.
Once we got to the ship, just our luck it was crawling with these weird unicellular junk worshiping zealots, I’d seen my father work with them before and they are one of the hardest races to understand as well as barter with since even the most worthless power converter is to them like a priceless artifact.
Well we acted like we worshipped junk as well, ruda layed on the grease monkey act thick and Sei Toh tried to sneak off. It all seamed hopeless until as luck would have it the Bunnies starting attacking. In the confusion we were able sneak in Sei and Slie and they were able to get the NAV computer and well and download some data from the bridge. We left quickly as we could and went back to our ship- Im pretty sure the management was trying to turn it into salvage. Once we got back and gave the NAV computer to the client- Sei Toh seemed to loosen up noticeably. As a lucky bonus it turns out the data they got has a previously unknown space route through some dangerous territory- Smuggling possibility?

Sei's Log: Entry 3

I was disappointed that the others refused to let me interrogate our capture. In the past I think I might have tried harder to get in on the questioning but lately I haven’t been myself.

Empathy hasn’t been high on my skills as a person but lately when I’m around the crew sometimes I think I know how they’re feeling even though I hardly say a word to them. Everyone seems more focused on another job to help find someone to get the Imperial tag off. I forwarded my concerns to some old friends with a few tricks up their sleeves. Hopefully I’ll get a response soon.

An old friend stopped by Port Nowhere today, said his business had suffered a recent setback with a scrapped freighter and he wanted me to retrieve an astrogation computer from the wreck. I made him aware of our situation regarding the imperial tag and he offered to remove it in addition to the 6000 credit offer for the information. The rest of the group should be excited to hear this, especially since the ship’s location has already been provided and there is little in the way of imperial presence out there. Total milk run. Still feeling pretty nervous though.

Touched down on the junkyard world without incident. One week under an Imperial tag and it seems they’re content to leave us alone when we step out of port? Two months I’d get but we wiped out over a dozen officers and troops in one night. I know my old friend is good for covering us once we complete our task but I wonder if he isn’t also keeping us safe this one time. I’ll have to find out next time we talk, doing this should get me some good credit.

Post Mission Log:

Investigated the ship location. Some suspicious characters were at the headquarters. I wanted to capture them when a computer check showed no organization such as they claimed to be a part of existed, but the group decided to pay their ridiculous “fee” in order to find the ship without incident.

On the way out we ran into a pack of squibs. Everyone managed to stay calm and talk their way out. By the time I got down there things seemed to have been going south but Ruda (who I’m starting to think must really be a bothan) managed to charm us out of serious confrontation (again) by being a complete tech-spaz.

I remember thinking I should have stayed on the ground with the group instead of scouting ahead. It was my job, I should have had better control. It’s a good thing I didn’t listen to my head in that case because if I hadn’t been on the swoop instead of the speeder I wouldn’t have been able to coordinate ahead of the skiff full of pirates that ambushed us. Their ambush pretty much became our ambush and we were able to take some of them captive. The battledroid took the worst of it, staying out in the middle to melee, but we were able to patch him up. Everyone agreed that the pirate skiff would become our new skiff.

Interrogating the leader of the pirates proved… taxing. The rodian was forthcoming with information after a time but somewhere after I found out their information was useless I lost myself. I don’t know what came over me, I’m usually calmer than this, but it was like I could feel contempt from the rodian, as though my life was nothing. I needed useful information, I was afraid of picking up my relationship to my old friend without any, and in that moment I just felt so frustrated and angry that I tried to kick him overboard. If Ruda hadn’t been there to stop me… I don’t know what would have happened. I shouldn’t need saving from myself. My life does not mean nothing, I have to live, to find out why my old friends died. If I’m gone, they are too.

The last part of our job went… strangely. Ugors claimed the salvage and were worshiping it when we arrived. Because of my… lapse in judgement earlier I decided the best way to handle this would be without violence. I tried giving them information that squibs were nearby back the way we came but this failed to draw down their numbers or endear them to us in a way that would let us reach the bridge. I don’t know if the pilot thought he was helping but his little “revelation” nearly got us blasted on the ship. Still, it was distracting enough to where I could sneak through a vent to the bridge. I was surprised to find Slie there but apparently Ruda managed to distract the ones outside. I’m surprised everyone held together so well in order to not-fight our way out of this one. Seems I was more correct than I thought about the squibs being nearby because they attacked the Ugors in the most timely fashion. Slie and I made good our extraction of the nav data and Ruda grabbed a hyperdrive capacitor on her way to “help” us. Honestly I think she got distracted because for that model ship she would have to go out of her way to reach the engine room instead of the bridge.

The way back was downright uninteresting in comparison. Elrhoy scared off some people trying to approach the ship while we were gone but other than that nothing happened.

Despite my protests the crew had already loaded the data into the nav computer in order to check it out by the time I was done boarding. Slie didn’t know what he had but Kalira instantly recognized the importance of the hyperspace route it detailed. I was able to get across that this data has to be exclusive. My old friend and his business will probably look the other way given the circumstances, knowing him we were to be set to use it eventually, especially since he did not specify the absolute terms of any required exclusivity, simply the retrieval of the data. He will at least be meticulous in honoring our arrangement, but if I’m going to get anywhere with finding out what I need to know I need the trust of him and his business.

I don’t agree with Ruda letting the rodian go, but if it were another bothan I’d have probably done the same under similar circumstances. We won’t be rolling in credits for this job but at least we’ll have the Imperials off our backs in space.

Hunter Training Progressing

Ruda Eemiss


By the time you read this the clan should have been credited with two bounties. The first from the being I chased down in my first firefight and a smaller, more recent bounty from a group of pirates. Though I am still doubtful as to the long term effects this crew will have on my reputation as a hunter, I cannot deny I am gaining the experience you said I needed to start out with, although not in any fashion I imagined.

After turning in the first bounty we got another job. Seemed like a straightforward retrieval operation and I was sure all they’d want from me was to salvage part of a starship. So far both jobs have not entailed any hunting and that annoys me even more so because I have been utilized as first a quality inspector and more recently as a politician! During this job not once, not twice, but three times I had to step in and save the crew from itself, especially our leader. The first time I had to give up my stash of Mist to get us vital information. Next I had to negotiate with some rather jittery scavengers. Finally I had to distract a bunch of heavies before we were stuck in a fight we couldn’t win. If I wasn’t so good with a wrench this crew might be dead, or worse, broke.

At the end of the job I at least obtained the only worthwhile salvage. I also turned in the bounty for another profit, and that’s another thing. I know you said I must work with a team to become better before pushing out on my own, but between my salvage and insistence on taking bounties I alone paid for nearly a third of our ships’ upkeep. Did I mention I also acquired our new skiff transportation, as well as performed serious repairs to our battle droid (who took quite the beating in our last encounter)?

If it wasn’t for a run-in with pirates I never would have furthered my real training. During the battle I was again impressed by the endurance of our combat droid. A few others also proved capable and we triumphed handily. I was able to both secure the capture of the pirate team leader and prevent the escape of the remaining pirates while ensuring the acquisition of their transport; our new skiff. Those pirates made up my second bounty, but the leader was a different problem.

He was a Rodian, and I intended to get his information and turn in his bounty, but the Bothan in our crew wanted to interrogate him first. I think if I hadn’t insisted on being there she might have done something dishonorable when she finished. She was twitchy the whole job and I didn’t trust her alone with him. Nothing happened but I think I will have to watch her more closely from now on. I had him under guard the rest of the job but in the end he convinced me he was worth more as a contact than a bounty and I hope to use him to catch more lucrative bounties in the future. I didn’t feel right letting him go but you said that sometimes the best contacts are the most nefarious ones. I hope you’re right.

Hopefully this crew can eventually land a job where my true skills as a hunter will be needed. Until then I will work on patience and continue to perform my subordinate role among them.









(interlopers(boarded(ship))) + (override(kill(imperial(flesh(beings))))) + (power(down))
+ (successful(counterfit(appearance)))
(bolt(shackle(restraint))) + (override(kill(imperial(flesh(beings)))))

(success(wisdom(meditation(N1-D0) + prayer(N1-D0))))




(error(wisdom(meditation(N1-D0) + prayer(N1-D0))))


(many(kill(imperial(flesh(beings)))))) + (attack(betrayal(economic(flesh(beings))))) + (praise(R0-4T))



(error(wisdom(meditation(N1-D0) + prayer(N1-D0))))

Mission 2- Kalira Journal

Day 1

Got contacted by someone who knows Slie today. Apparently, wants us to trade some “acquired” merchandise for some “acquired” merchandise… Ok now I’ve heard some fishy sounding jobs in my time but this one takes the cake. Obviously, stolen goods and a briefcase full of money that we have no idea where it came from. This guys move sleazy even than some of my dads old contacts.

Anyway we obviously accepted cause its either make some money this way or work at the Space Burger or the mechanics shop for spare change. Honestly as long as I can keep my dads ship up and running I’m happy. Sign for the briefcase and we are off. A rodian named Ruda joined the crew.

Day 2

We reach the first contact Tolcar and negotiate with him for the “acquired weapons”. I think this guys trying to shaft us- I mean the weapons are good and all but over 45,000 for the whole bunch that’s just ludicrous- plus its stolen merchandise which always goes for less cause its considered hot.

As we are in the cantina talking it over we see a Djarik tournament going on and decide to enter. Thank goodness Elroy is better at Djarik than I am. Actually, made a pretty comfy profit from all the betting and the prize pool.

Once we get back to Tolcar we find him and Ruda laughing and talking about self sealing stimbolts and gas charging plasma conduits. At first I was suspicious but then we found out they were both just grease monkeys- plus he was giving us a better deal- SOLD.

On the way to the second rendezvous to trade for some surveillance equipment we go stopped by an imperial star destroyer- oh yeah stolen equipment and a separatist battle droid and we get stopped by a star destroyer this is just what we need. Well, after being deboarded and searched they actually found one of our smuggling compartments where we were hiding Iggy luckily Elroy bullshitted a good excuse and we got out. Though not without them putting a bug on our ship and restraining bolts on the droids- Why does everyone keep pissing on my ship.

We got everything off or at least thought we did and proceeded to the rendezvous. BIG MISTAKE. The imperials followed us- I swear if I never see another imperial in my life it will be to soon. The traders we were meeting with I guess thought we were double crossing them cause they tried to off us right as the imperials tired to arrest everyone. A nice three way fight insued and wound up walking away after taking out half a couple of squads and we now have a prisoner- the leader of the other thieves- not sure what well do with him, and our ship is tagged- so all in all turning out to be a bright sunny day.

We didn’t make as much as I think we were hoping- my plan is we need to stop getting hurt- then everything will cost less

Mission Log, Entry 4


Got another Job and another crew member. A Rodian named Ruda, she’s a mechanic trying to be a bounty hunter, apparently. Fine by me, we could use the help in both fixing and killing.

Job was simple enough: take money, get weapons, trade weapons for other goods, get a cut. At first it was that simple. Headed off to the first meet. Met our contact but he wanted more than we wanted to pay, so we left to dig up some dirt or goods we could use to lower the price to improve our cut of the profit. Wound up getting Elroy, the droid, to play in a Dejarik tournament. Got some of the other players and patrons drunk/loosened up, and the others either played or made side bets. All and all we made out pretty good. It may have not lowered the price, but at least we got some income that we didn’t have to only take a cut of.

While we were messing around with that, turns out the Bothan and the Rodian were being more useful than us. The Bothan got us some information we used as leverage to lower the price, and the Rodian made friends with the contact who cut us a deal. Got the price lowered considerably, but before we made the deal I tested out the blaster rifles we were buying to make sure they weren’t defective or anything. A preliminary tech inspection by the Rodian showed they were Imperial blaster rifles and by Xendor they worked alright, the seller let loose a karking MSE-6 series repair droid, the thing skittered about a bit and I popped it good, blew it up real nice. So, we paid and took our cargo to the next meet up.

On our way an imperial ship pulls us right out of Hyperspace. There was no running, and certainly no fighting this ship. We complied and got tractored in. After being forced to give up our weapons and leave our ship they boarded it and scanned it. All they found was IG-199, our battle droid. Luckily, Elroy had fitted it with disguise limbs and parts and told the Imp that it was a spare part droid so they never knew what was aboard our, and their, ship. Other than that they let us go, but not without first marking our ship, all in the name of galactic security. HA!

Then we headed off for the second meet up. Bad location, down in some canyons dotted with small plateaus. Great place for an ambush, and believe me, I know ambushes, problem was, didn’t know who would be doing the ambushing. Turns out it was some more batha-karking imps. Right in the middle of our trade some “customs officers” came up and opened fire without warning. Well, they warned us, and we opened fire, but I was tired of having to not shoot at them. Then, the damn buyer of the weapons and his crew fires on us and threw a karking stun grenade at our group! But, honestly, that wasn’t the worst of it, but I’ll get to that soon.

So, anyways a good ol’ fire fight breaks out. IG-199 smashes some skulls, and Everyone else did their part, some bunkered in, others charged ahead, rather disorganized compared to my old strike team, but not bad for a bunch of blaster toting spacers with little to no military training. Just when we gained some headway against the Imps and the traitor-traders a strike force of Storm Troopers rocketed down from, presumably, and orbiting Imp ship.
I probably shouldn’t have taken so much enjoyment considering how much danger the rest of the crew was in, but I really loved blasting holes into that shiny white armor. Slightly different armor than what the clones wore, but close enough. Hit their Sargent so hard he fell in a crevasse below the plateau they were on, never did hear a thump, I hope that bastard is still falling. Anyways, we won the battle with no casualties, though we took our share of damage, myself included

We then high tailed it out of there, grabbing the weapons and goods on our way out and jumped away before the Imp cruiser could catch us. Now we’re wanted criminals with a considerable amount of heat on us. There’s gonna be more imps for me to blast, and now I’ve got one of their own blaster rifles to do it with. I can’t wait.

Sei's Log

We’ve picked up a Rodian mechanic… I think. I think Ruda thinks she’s a bounty hunter. Port Nowhere sure does attract the strangest people.

Picked up a job delivering credits for cargo. Not much to say about the planet we’re going to: unimportant, sandy, irradiated backwater. Elrhoy has been a lot more active lately. Our illustrious politician put the mission to a vote and everyone said yes. A job’s a job when I can’t find anything more useful to do but I wish we got work in places more conducive to fact-finding.

I hate going to desert planets. Everyone else seemed to have a good time while I was getting sand in my fur making sure we didn’t get ambushed. The client wanted too much for his product so what did the rest of us decide to do? Pad our purchasing power with gambling money. Their carousing worked to my advantage though, I was able to single out the right people and find our just how much the client could really afford to pay. We were able to use the information to talk down the price without having to pay extra, that crazy rodian actually made friends with the guy while we were at the cantina, and the Sabacc winnings will certainly come in handy, but I can’t help but feel that all I got was a headache and a wallet 50 credits lighter. Now that we’ve finally lifted off this rock I’m going to take a long shower. As… endearing as this group is becoming, there’s no excuse for sand.

Imperial interdiction on the way to the drop-off. This can’t be a coincidence. They put a mark on the ship but the only way to get it off is at a spaceyard. We can’t go back to Port Nowhere and the group doesn’t want to piss off the client so we’re going ahead with the deal. Something bothers me about the way the Imperials conducted the check, they let us go too easily, granted they probably want to catch us later with our contacts, but it felt like they were avoiding asking me anything. Hell, they even pissed off the wookie. Since Chad I’ve been getting a feeling like something’s getting closer and right when we left that ship was the worst. I’m feeling a bit sick, I think I’ll stay in my room.

The Empire caught up to us, but with more firepower that I was expecting for a bust. I took a pretty bad hit, it’s all a blur now but I remember trying to get around to surveying the terrain when everything became all blasters and grenades. I wish Agera were here. She always knew how to avoid trouble before it started. The others tell me our contact was in with the Imperials, everyone there started shooting at them when the imps came running. I got a small group of them with a grenade and spotted an officer, but a dropship came in with a stormtrooper squad. I panicked and threw my last grenade, barely even fazed them but I didn’t think they spotted me. I was thinking I’d go capture the customs officer who’d gone off on his own when I got hit. I can’t remember much after that but we all made it back to the ship and I got patched up. Woke up to find out they’d taken the shipments and run. Everyone was all cheerful about having new blaster rifles, and the wookie was showing off her face wound. I didn’t say anything but I wanted to scream at them. Imperials just crashed our job and no one thought to find a datapad or I.D. or SOMETHING that would give us a lead as to why we’ve run into them twice in a month out of all the outfits in the Outer Rim. We need to get that Imperial mark off our ship yesterday and I need some real sleep. They put one of those damn blasters in my room, I’ll take it but if anyone comes talk to me I’m putting it to their head and explaining just how screwed and in the dark we are. I’d get shot again to take that Imperial officer hostage, guess I’ll have to settle for our traitorous contact.


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