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Sei's Journal: Entry 7
Personal Entry

There’s too much to say…

Ruda insisted I couldn’t be in the same room as the Jedi when we woke her up. I wanted us off planet but when Kalira got back we found out about the upgrades – which explains all the open panels and the droids moving around on the outside. Everyone pretty much agreed that we had to handle the situation with the Jedi immediately. Ruda would not have let me stay in the same room with the Jedi when she woke up but we decided to interview the… regular human first, expecting that he would not give us the same trouble as the Jedi. Garall went off to his room in disgust. I let the others handle the Corellian, it was rather amateurish – giving the human water – my real goal was to talk to the Jedi. We didn’t get anything substantial out of him, except that he’s definitely from Corellia. I’m not sure what kind of social bond Corellian humans are supposed to have but Kalira seemed to be trying to stress some kind of bond which did nothing. When he passed out again I took a better look at the Jedi. No eyes. Ruda was even more shocked than I was. It must be difficult for her finding someone that could do what she did without sight… although I know, well, feel that this person could see in a way we can’t imagine. After the shock wore off, everyone else left the sick bay to figure out the situation. I stayed inside to watch the prisoners. My head was already pretty banged up after yesterday, and sleep took the edge off, but when I got sick it was just too much. Lucky I was in the sick bay, Elroy gave me a pat on the back and some meds.

Since I was the only one in the room watching, I saw the scalpel when it cut through her restraints. I tried running to her in order to stop her, I needed to keep things from getting out of hand, to keep her from attacking us. When I went flying backwards… it was like every idea I had about how the interview should go evaporated. I was supposed to be calm, in control… proud… and there I was: hitting the wall with the flick of her hand. Everything was spiraling out of control. Everyone was on edge, ready to shoot. I was afraid then. I forgot everything about my training, or pride. I needed her to live, I needed the others to stand down. I begged… I didn’t know what else I could do.

When she warned me about fear… I was so ashamed. It was such a small thing, but I used fear to empower my need. I knelt then, crying, lost in the shame of what I had done, feeling the familiarity of her warning, as though I was disappointing someone – someone else – I loved. I do not know this woman, but I know now that at that moment, she knew me for what I needed, not what I wanted. When she talked to the others, it was like she could actually read their minds, not just the emotional sensations I get. Is that what I’m becoming?

I’m lucky the others didn’t shoot. I’m sure that I could not have done anything at that time. I was so lost in my head, by the time I came to everyone had calmed down. We were able to talk then. I thought I might have been able to figure out something about how I could know and feel things about the Jedi and Force when others spoke about them, when I had never heard about them until yesterday. I did not get an answer for that, but while the others were having their turns I suddenly made a connection I’d missed about the statuette I’ve carried for so long. The place where I found it was related to the Jedi. I drew it out with the intention to ask her about it, but as soon as it cleared my pocket she knew… she told me I had to let it go – to let them go.

I remember thinking then, “How could she ask that?” It was too much, to think of the people who died for my mistakes, so that I could live. On any other day, if I had not let go of my pride, I don’t think I would have realized that I’ve spent the last year of my life trying to die for them. I felt so selfish, letting it fall to the deck. Immediately I wanted it back – I had embraced my shame for so long…

She asked me if I had merely dropped it, or let it go.

In that moment I realized: I was stuck. I had frozen myself in a time I cannot change, to avenging an event I cannot undo. Letting go wouldn’t change their deaths, but it would give me the chance to live with myself. To find strength in the people around me when I am weak. Ruda’s hand on my shoulder then was something I needed. Connection… Vindication.
I think now I can truly live with these people – my crew – not out of fear of loss but in the moment, sharing this ever changing life. There are still things I can’t tell them, but I needed to let go of my past so that my future would not end in darkness, so I wouldn’t drag them into the darkness. I asked her to take the statue from me. I couldn’t touch it, I wouldn’t touch that fear again. I had let it pass through me, and now I am free of it.

After everything was resolved, we agreed to let her go. I gave her back her lightsaber myself. Things were awkward as we left the ship. Part of me wanted to ask what she was, how she could see with no eyes, but I felt that would have been rude. I wanted to ask for her help again, to travel with her if I had to, but I knew her rejection on the ship had been absolute. So I asked what the statue I’d given up was.

“An anchor” was all she said, and I understood. My attachment to them, what they did for me, it kept me from feeling anything for those around me. Things aren’t all that different on the Spry, but I think I’m ready to trust them now. I can’t tell them much about my past, or my… current friends… but I can make those connections I’ve been ignoring.

Maybe if I bring in Slie and Garall together I can get some information, and stop them from bickering. The Jedi spoke of points of view, serving and being betrayed by the Republic. The archives of Bothawui and the Hutts aren’t governed by Imperial censors, maybe I can dig up something.

For now I just need rest. I can wait on everything else.

Supplemental Log

I caught myself smiling before I fell asleep.

First Journal Entry.

This is a first for me to write to no one but for myself. I need to talk about this but I dare not contact either my father or Nell about this for that could put me, my new companions, and them into major trouble. So I will keep this for know at least I can get things out and maybe come up with a solution to this unique problem I find us in. First off we excepted a job to intercept what I thought might be illegal substances or possibly arms. We were also to capture those that were involved with the actual transaction it’s self. As well as get prof of the deal being made. Things however happened that made it a little bit more difficult to do. I won’t go into details however I will say it involved one of the other members of this crew. Well we got the footage of the deal being set up and when we went in to retrieve the recorder I examined the room. Because when the Bith left the room no one else did yet when we entered the room no one was there. So I looked around to try and find out how this other person could have left. I found the window opened all the way this was very unusual because the windows are secured so they can only open a little. Upon closer examination I found the window locking mechanism had been cut. Other than that I couldn’t figure out how he had gotten out. Because there where no signs of anything that could have been used to leave by the window. Well we watched the video and this man seemed to be just sitting there for several minutes after the meeting. I didn’t know what to make of it as he got up and never entered the camera view again. But when Sei looked over the recording she was able to find more and move the point of view so we could see how the man left the room. He pulled out a lightsaber cut the mechanism then jumped out the window. This man was obviously a Jedi like the ones my father worked for and he had told me so much about. I could barely believe my eyes at this and my instincts went into overdrive telling me something was really really wrong with this situation. My father told me that the Jedi had always been and always will be paragons of good and stood on the side of justice. When the “Emperor” toke control of the republic and turned it in the Galactic Empire. Well he made damn sure to eradicate all knowledge of them in the most dastardly way possible. By convincing every one that they had betrayed the republic and so scarring everyone that 99 percent of people never wanted to talk about them. But when they were talked about it was so twisted as to make them out as villains and monsters. However my father told me how it was the “Emperor” and his clones that had betrayed them and usurped power from the Republic. Well when it came time to intercept the shipment damned if there wasn’t another one there. We captured the shipment, and the people involved in the exchange. We handed the two arms deals and the wares over, but not the Jedi and her companion. I want to talk to her and find out why she was involved in a arms deal and what she was thinking. I would like to befriend her if her actions were for noble and good reasons. But I won’t hesitate to kill her if she has gone bad. Which I highly doubt. However I don’t think Slie or Ruda will let me but if push comes to shove I wouldn’t mind Ruda being in there with me seeing as how she was more neutral in discussion with what to do with her and her companion. I think this really helped me to put things into prospective for me I think I will have to do this again when I am unsure of an action or course I should take.

[Personal Log Untitled Entry]

Ruda Eemiss

I’ve never been so scared in my life. I had her… I HAD her! How did she KNOW? I was the hunter, lying in wait. I was in the perfect position, had surprise and confidence, yet even before I finished pulling the trigger she was already moving like she expected my shot and knew where it was coming from. I thought she was my prey but I was wrong. She is a more dangerous hunter than any I have studied. Her instincts are beyond even Master’s ability. Is this what a Jedi is? Or was? I’ve never heard of them before and Slie seems terrified of them. Did they truly betray the Old Republic? If so, I can’t believe any number of Imperials could defeat an army of them. Yet the Trandoshen acted like he would rather shoot me than let me hand over the bounty and the Bothan is hovering over her like a mother Bantha.

Speaking of the Bothan, she has been acting strange ever since the Imperials dragged her away and then released her. She wasn’t hurt and had her stuff so they must have let her go but she was clearly exhausted yet knew things about our target in the video that the three of us didn’t see. Her insight helped the Trandoshen identify him as Jedi yet she looked as confused as I was about what they were. I am very confused about what’s going on right now.

This was supposed to be a simple pickup job. I’ll never accept another job from Slie’s contact again. Each time ends in a nasty surprise and I still don’t know how we won that fight. After my first shot I was nearly taken out and by the time I recovered the others had either been subdued or surrendered, including the Jedi. Well, except for the pilot which I dropped pretty quickly.

I need to figure out what to do now. I kind of took over at the end to hide how frightened I was. I would’ve been perfectly happy to turn over the Jedi and get the bounty but with those two stubbornly against it I couldn’t just ignore other members of my pack. I have to give them a chance and trust in their instincts as well, but if this goes south they can deal with it on their own and I’m GONE! Even so, I can’t believe how dumb they were to think it would do any good to keep the Jedi but turn over her partner. I know it doubled our losses but keeping him might be the only thing that keeps her from killing us all. And I have no doubt she could if we let our guard done. I don’t want to, but I’m going to fight to be the one to talk to her. Slie might kill her given the chance, the Trandoshen might let her go, and I’m not sure what the Bothan wants here. Just thinking about talking alone with her has my hands shaking as I write this but when I think about it I’m the most neutral here.

I’ll have to talk with the Old Man when I get back to Port Nowhere. No way am I sending a message about this over comms. Hopefully he has more answers about the Jedi and can maybe give me some good advice. In the meantime I’m going to meditate about what happened the past two days. I think I’ll stay on the ship a while as well. Too many people still recognize me from that episode all over the news.

Sei's Log: Entry 6

After that last job we landed the Spry on Bith for some rest. Everyone went their separate ways but we were actually able to pick up Garll and Ruda. Slie and I took them to the cantina for a drink (on Slie’s tab of course) when lo and behold we got a job. Kalira’s old contact from our first big job since forming this little company. The man said he had 8000 credits plus 3000 a head for us to do a monitor and ambush in some cheap hotel and wherever the targets went after. Since it’s just the four of us we agreed to keep this one to ourselves, no need to poach the others’ vacation time.

Finding the hotel was not hard. Place is just a cheap long-term habitat, square tower, square windows, square everything. While everyone stood in the lobby bickering about what floor to use and who’s paying, I managed to… insert us into the room across the hallway using the hotel computer. Still needed a key, 150 credits for a damn piece of plastic with a chip in it… We would have been robbed blind to actually pay for a damn night. After that while everyone went upstairs to set up, I managed a snatch on a custodial key. Almost thought the Gamorrean maid had caught me but I was able to feign an almost-accident… got way too much shampoo out of it and moved on before she got suspicious.

Everyone’s finally done setting up. Garll went out for food and the others are shopping. I think I’ll plug in R5 and head over to the library.


The job really went to shit. Client was unimpressed with our turn-in but he can go to whatever hell his planet believes in. My gut tells me we did the right thing.

I feel like I’m going crazy. Everything is mixed up. Knowing things I never learned… and that dream just now. How long did everyone else know what I’m just now stumbling into? The adults Everyone who wasn’t a child when the Empire was made seems to know. It’s all hushed tones, fear and anger… Garll seems to love these whatever faction this woman we captured is and Slie acts like they’re worse than Skekfish.

I’m too tired, I don’t know what to think and all I know is I need information, and maybe a second night in the med bay. If I hadn’t been shot I’d be getting whatever I could out of that trandoshan, he’s old and he seems to know a lot more than Slie. Everyone else might be too young. I won’t be slicing for all this new stuff until I’m sure I can get away with it… learned enough from that sort of thing this time around.

I have to know.

Dear Nell, 2
Happ to have helped.

I have just returned to the Spry Nomad safely. I was happy that I could help you in procuring the equipment that you needed. I know it can be a pain to deal with off world traders and also having to worry about raiders. Especially seeing as how you hadn’t replace me yet. By the way did you hire on that young man Jecht Vendarr he performed admirably and was actually very brave when I got severely injured. He kept his head and thought things through and in the end it really was thanks to him that we were successful. You really should hire him on as your new Sheriff he would do a great job even though he is still a little green. Any way I hope that everything is going smoothly for now and that the equipment I got you guys is working well. I know I left quickly but I had a feeling like my new companions needed my help. You know how sometimes I could tell when someone was lying to me well it kind of felt like that. Although by the time I got to them it seems like whatever emergency they were in was over with. Well I have to go know but I will always be hoping that things go smoothly for you and New Landing.

kaliras journal mission 6

Kalira’s journal mission 6

Another day another dollar, or in this case 20,000 credits. A rather shady character gave us a good payoff for a rather shady job. A basic bait n switch. Grab a delivery boy, grab a courier and blow up a ship and make it look like and accident. Well, its good to know that we have crossed the line from questionable gray line business into blatant kidnapping and sabotage.
After we got to the place to nab the delivery guy we scoped the place out and came up with a plan that involved stolen uniforms, emergency alarms, and a stun grenade to the face. Kudos to Slie. There were a couple of hicupps with the overly aggressive body guards and some evangelists but in the end we led them into a our ship were we had a trap waiting.
After dropping off some dead weight ( the security guards were rather heavy)- we interrogated the carrier the find the courier. His info was good and we were able to nab the courier with very little trouble. So then it turned to interrogating him to find out info about the princes ship.
We basically just blackmailed both of them saying we would turn them over if they kept their mouth shut but that if they talked we would give them a headstart and some spare change. Well knowing the kind of people that we were working its not surprising they spilled their guts.
WE got the idea to use proton torpedos with a detonator to make a makeshift bomb that might simulate a core breach. Well while Slie went in with the courier and the droids caused general disarray. Za’aril and Sei spacewalked the bomb to the middle of the ship. Once Sly was recognized WE started hacking into the ships security systems causing pure chaos and auto lasers to go off at everything in sight. Once we got everyone off we made a break for it and the torpedoes blew making a pretty believable core breach.
On they way back our psuedoprisoners got away with their ship so no selling it like we were planning. Either way we were able to get and for the first time make a pretty nice paycheck. Maybe I can finally send some money home or try to find out what happened to sis.

Sei's Log: Entry 5

The team seems pretty split up recently. Our battle-droid got it into his head to become the ship’s cook, maybe it was something we used as spare parts. He took a real shine to our new astromech droid, has everyone calling R5-B8 “Bait” now. I hope his personality isn’t rubbing off on Bait, the last thing we need is two homicidal droids. Ruda’s off on her own job and Khorbin took the fighter and scooted off somewhere. Not a clue where that Trandoshan went. Guess it’s time to relax, not like the four of us and the droids will be getting any big jobs.

I really should learn not to invite trouble by not seeing it. The others picked up a job, a BIG job. I’d normally be against trying to tangle with slave cartels, too many enemies to be made, but 20,000 credits has the rest of the crew drooling. Slie didn’t even try to negotiate additional compensation. Job seems simple, steal a cash bag, sneak onto a cartel ship, download transaction records, and make the ship have an “accident.” It was pointless for me to vote against it so I decided I’ll focus my energies on getting us out of this alive. I have some ideas that might be able to help me with security at our first stop. The Mon Calamari that hired us for the job also brought a twi’lek bounty hunter named Oskara to help us out.

I was able to access the security feeds of the port remotely, with the help of some old friends who might want a favor in return. Relayed to the rest of the crew what I could about the patterns of delivery that these cartels seem to use. Another few hours and we’ll be at the spaceport, a day early, no less. Should be able to scout out the area and come up with a plan.

The plan almost went off well, some day we’re going to have to try learning each other better. Slie ate a stun grenade in a most admirable fashion while Bait sliced the fire suppression system.
Our bounty hunter needed acting courses, although I guess it wasn’t her fault the mark’s guard was feeling antsy. Having a bunch of screeching anything running around would fry anyone’s nerves. For a second I thought Oskara might have been killed outright but Kalira was able to get her out, not sure if they’d have done as well if the kids and religious nuts hadn’t swarmed that one guard. Our wookie turned out to be quite adept at her role, she lured the mark and his last guard onto our ship. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as surprised as that guard when the seven of us stunned him at the same time. Overall that could have gone smoother but at least I didn’t have to draw on anyone in a crowd, if the team gets a bit better at planning I might not have to do anything at all next time.

Oskara ditched us at the next stop. Guess getting shot point-blank would darken anyone’s outlook on a job.
Part two of our job went off well. We met the courier and after incapacitating her seized her ship and made for the Slaver port. Had to conduct an interrogation in route. I don’t know why but my… sense of people is starting to make me dislike methods I once thought of as justifiable.
We picked up some proton warheads, our Za’aril is prepping them with Bait’s help. Three behind the engine block and it’ll just look like a proton feed sliced through the generators after losing magnetization. In other words: Boom. Tricky part will be extracting the records on board before everything goes to hell.

Well… that went to hell fast. While I got to spend a quiet time spacing my way to the mark’s ship with the wookie and three proton warheads, our politician got himself shot at and our egghead Mon-Calamari decided that tripping the station’s automated defenses without IFF would be a great distraction. Kalira managed to make herself useful while waiting on our stolen ship by hacking the doors so our marks couldn’t escape. Slie had to steal a shuttle but that worked out for us since me and Za’aril were able to hitch a ride before blowing the enemy ship. Almost got fried by turbolasers a couple of times but thankfully nothing happened. It seemed that every ship and fighter space-side on our half of the station got pulverized, when we hit the detonator our mark became just another victim of the station’s “accidental malfunction.” We made our escape in the confusion but after we landed back in port to pick up the Spry our remaining two prisoners made off with the ship we worked so hard to steal. Adrenaline was pretty high, no wonder no one thought about guard duty, but I hope this lack of wariness doesn’t come back to haunt us. Last thing we need is both the Cartels and the Empire after us. Bait turned out to be very, very helpful. If he hadn’t grabbed the files we needed we’d have failed the job, then we’d definitely have the cartels and our client after us.
I wish we’d managed to keep that other ship for salvage, that kind of money might have really helped me out. Maybe we can talk up the reward for destroying an entire port of slaver ships.

Dear Nell, 1
Video messages to Mistress Nell.

Dear Nell,
I just got your message you sent to us here on the Spry Nomad. It was wonderful to see your face again even though I may be light-years away you and the people of New Landing will never be far from my mind and heart. Like my father Victor I view all of you as family. I just want to make it clear to you all if you should ever need anything I will drop what I am doing and travel to your side faster than a Teek. I know it has been a few weeks since I last saw you guys on Alderaan. I want you to know I am doing well it’s taken me some time to adjust to life on a ship. These folk seem like a trustworthy lot for the most part. Although I still have some doubts about that one droid that works with them. The comment it made back on Engebo-5 still rings in my hearing membranes. I hope that all of you are doing well and will keep moving on with your lives. Ohh and Nell I know you must miss your father but please don’t think ill of him rather try and remember the good times you guys had. I miss you all but I feel it was meant to be in some way, although I wish it didn’t happen the way it did. But I feel like I meant to be out here. Where it possible for me to help even more people and make this universe a better place for all. Keeping you in my heart and mind always, Garall Thull logging out.

El-RhoY calls everyone to the lounge

“Good Evening Crew of the Spry Nomad. I recently have received a transmission from Mistress Nell. She wanted me to play it before the crew as a whole.”

The silver droid projects a blue holographic image to the center of the room.

“Hello everyone, I wanted to contact you with an update on myself and the survivors of landing. We are all doing well on Alderaan. After a few weeks, Lady Wylla began to grow tiresome of our presence in her estate, and I was able to make contact with the Viceroy himself, Senator Bail Organa, and the family through a fundraiser in our name. In addition the family transferred a small estate to my name on the Northern Continent. I have set up housing for my fellow survivors, we are calling it New Landing. We have also built a small compound for ‘visitors,’ so if you ever need to visit you are always welcome for as long as you need.

In addition, I have transferred to El-RhoY for your group. For your bravery in rescuing us I am transferring each of you 1,000 credits apiece. In addition I have arranged for a modification to your ship. The local shipyard will have access to the funds.

I hope that you are well and that these funds will help you in your dealings. For a little further information, Senator Organa did some discree investigating for me, and found out some information about what caused the catastrophe at Landing. Apparently Goontirk, the Captain of the Madman’s Fortune, recently purchased a vacuum-sealed plasteel coffin that contained a mummified Duro in a murky yellowish gas. Apparently this coffin had been floating around between oddities collectors for the better part of a millennium. This item was nicknamed the “Archregent Vardovin IV, the Lost King of Duro.” However there was never any record of a king of Duro from that time frame. As to the Skekfish, the last skekfish infestation happened during the the Stark Hyperspace War, which required a orbital bombardment of a small moon to destroy them before they spread to rapidly. To save Engebo it would have required a capital ship bombardment in the first 12 hours to keep the infestation from spreading planet wide. I wish there was some way to avenge my father’s death, but alas we were victim of random chance.

To Garall, we miss you but we understand how this tragedy has affected everyone. We hope that you find peace in the stars with out new friends. Please know that there is a home here waiting for you should you wish to return to us.

My friends, if you even need anything please feel free to contact me."

The hologram lingers for a moment then fades.

Alderaan News Agency
“Bringing you all the Galactic News that matters”

Alderaan News Agency
“Bringing you all the Galactic News that matters”

A crisis of literally planetary proportions was diverted recently when a group under the auspices of Lady Wylla of Alderaan was able to rescue a group of settlers from Engebo-5 from a devastating plague of skekfish.

The skekfish, a predatory life-form of rapacious appetites, were introduced when a decrepit freighter crash-landed on the planet. The freighter, of dubious origins and unknown destinations, ejected several lifepods prior to crashing seeding the area with the dreaded lifeforms. The group representing Lady Wylla in confidential matters responded with swift action.

“We knew that Lady Wylla would have wanted us to render all assistance, as her philanthropic proclivities are well known”, responded Mal Siecon of the group replied when asked what prompted their intervention. “While that was not our primary purpose there, the imminent danger of these vile beasts threatened all life on that planet and could have spread if not contained. If you could have seen what the skekfish did to the Bantha, er..I mean Nerf herds it would have frozen your lifefluids.”

The herds of Engebo-5, which confused reports from the group have labeled as either Bantha or Nerf, were completely devastated by the skekfish. The Citadel freighter was able to rescue the majority of the inhabitants and return with them to Alderaan. Lady Wylla has compassionately provided for the refugees under Mistress Nell.

“Of course my agents acted with my full consent”, Lady Wylla said in an interview, “They protected the poor unfortunates and activated a warning beacon to warn others in the system of the danger.” Lady Wylla, looking stunning in an elegant gown and elaborate coiff, was her usual gracious self during the interview. “I only wish that more could have been done for the people there. I’ve provided care for the people my agents rescued and will of course do my utmost to continue. While it has been exhausting, it is nothing compared to what these poor wretches have gone through.”

Certain persons have called for an investigation of the vessel that crashed on Engebo-5, wondering why a vessel would carry such lifeforms for any legitimate purpose. Veiled accusations of planetary sabotage and criminal activities abound, although none from the benevolent Lady Wylla. “My only concern is for the poor people who have seen their homes and livelihoods destroyed. Lesser concerns such as those are for others to attend.”


We at the Alderaan News Agency would like to issue an apology to Lady Wylla of House Panteer, who was the sponsor of such an illustrious rescue of the survivors of Engebo V. The ANA has conducted a review of the author of this piece and found a series of payments from Lady Mara of House Thul, and has been altering stories to give her undo credit and influence within the Great Houses of Alderaan. ANA, an honest and upright pillar of journalistic ethics has released this fraud from our midst. Thank you for your time and consideration.

In related new, the Organa family held a fundraiser to assist Ms. Nell Davengatt with resettling her fellow refugees following the destruction of their home. The Tomboy Princess, Leia was in attendance looking regal. Hopefully the Senator can keep her from climbing the trees in that dress.


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