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The Diary of Dr. Tal'Kabo Utcats, 2

The Jewel of Yavin, Part II

After the excitement of the races, the next part of our caper – talking up the bids – was inordinately tedious. We spent far too long mashing out a plan but when something cohesive finally turned up one of the more brutish of our team turned up smelling of garbage and providing yet another available route to use. Ironically he’d left some time in the beginning of the meeting, I can only surmise what his adventure was.

Still, for all the tedium of relaying the history of valuable gems things did get exciting when the professor’s old flame turned up to spew some enraged nonsense. I was barely able to recoup the situation by relaying some of the history connected to the Jewel of Yavin, and it did indeed surprise me to find that the very dedication of the stone would mention the Sith. Relaying the opposed nature of these Sith to the enemy they found in another cult I was able to draw a distinction between the professor’s nature and the apparent one of her old flame, arguing that for the sake of knowledge and the providing for future generations she could not afford to let the stone slip through her hands. After she maximized her bid I did feel guilty about the impending theft that would occur but I would guess that some of my other comrades had better luck than I because a hutt decided that a show of a million credits would silence everyone else – and indeed it did! Hopefully my comment on the name of the ancient rival to the Sith went unnoticed in the shock that followed. With the bidding closed I feel satisfied leaving our other… comrades… to do their work. If that dratted hamster is about to pull what… well… we’re pulling, I have no doubt that the wookie and the rodian can take care of things on their end.

As far as fencing the rock after all this, it would be convenient to run into that old cult, but I seriously doubt there are any left. It would be a shame to render it into the tiny pieces that are useful to industry.



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