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The Diary of Dr. Tal'Kabo Utcats

The Jewel of Yavin

I have been reviewing footage from the surveillance gear I left in the tiny folks’ temple. I’d have named them by now but given the planet has yet to be crossed off the Imperial Reserve list the race itself remains undiscovered and unnamed. To do so at this juncture would invite trouble should they end up being named something else; how I wish I’d left a droid with full translation function instead. Since my theft of the radioactive stone that had been, well, irradiating their population four galactic years ago, maybe eleven or so of their years, they seem to have eschewed the more accurate representation of myself enrobed in radiation gear for a mural depicting a dog-faced creature being speared by what I assume is some sort of sun god. Remarkable how humanoid species all seem to come up with the same amalgamations of animalistic humanoids to worship, or in this case revile. More importantly, they have installed a new, albeit smaller, stone of the same variety back into the temple! Although it is rather a shame that the annual festival they held chasing one of their number for a stone seems to be on the downward slope to being an activity for children, this latest development seems a good opportunity for me to rid them of what I do not doubt, given my camera’s fatal malfunctioning shortly thereafter, is yet another radioactive hazard, as well as rid myself of Teemo the Hutt’s presence once and for all. Still, I would rather NOT have them subject to repeatedly irradiating themselves, given that this appears to be the first actual city on this young world. A more impressive display of godly theft might leave a decent enough cultural impression, but I’d rather not risk the Imperial censure and loss of academic credentials that would follow. Perhaps catering to their newly depicted dog-thief-god would do the trick. Fortunately for me I know a dog that owes me a favor.

Blast! Of all the times to get blackmailed… again. Drawn to Bespin on some silly errand. Whatever job this is had better pay well, and after I was so close to finding out where the girl went. Another lost trail I’ll have to pick up after this is over, if this doesn’t pay enough that is.

Curse me for not thinking this one through. The offer was too good, I’ll be able to pay off Teemo and have credits to spare! Imagine if I could just get the Old Arrowhead up and running, I’d be free to wander the galaxy again. All I have to do is talk up some rock until the bid gets maximized. I was able to get a good look at the thing, and if this were the days of the Republic I know for certain that a certain… cult… would have bought the thing outright, so it is valuable, but now I’ve put myself in a pickle, trying to get in the good graces of another respected archaeologist, and posing as a student under a fake name too! I have to write an entire dissertation in one night thanks to her damn droid. I’m too old to be binging on energy drinks like my navy days. Sadly, this will have to do.

What kind of name is “Ford.” I should have picked something with more weight like Dolarhyde or Deckard.

All that effort and it’s the alien that lands me a date with the Professor. On the bright side we’ll have something to talk about.

A most marvelous race! I had a feeling about that girl, Calorie or whatever her name was. Betting on an unknown like that has certainly paid off, and with the group looking to split the pot I’ll be able to finish off my debt to Teemo once and for all on this alone! I was celebrating with the professor in as restrained a manner I could when something suddenly clicked in my mind. The stone is useful to people of a certain persuasion, and this whole affair could be far more than it seems. The museum’s security on this station is far less than even a campus’ security. Supposedly that cult was exterminated, I had nothing against them personally, they were each admirable and worth a battalion in combat, but if they are involved this could get complicated fast. I’ll have to be on the look out for whatever Imperial presence might make itself known, they might be my only ticket out of here if this job gets out of hand.

Having taken a second look at the recent winnings, I only have half of what I need to pay my debts, especially if I need some on hand in case things get out of hand.



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