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Sei's Log Entry 10

Session 10, Personal Log

The last few days have been rather strangely focused here at Port Nowhere. People are talking about a survey ship that rumor has it is close to finding some ancient treasure ship. At first I thought we’d ignore this in favor of more… realistic opportunities, but when we all put together the information we’d gathered we figured we had enough to go on to warrant at least the attempt of tracking down this myth, and if worst came to worst we could sell the information while it was hot. So we’re headed to Terminus to get more accurate information about this survey ship.

Lehon. Also known as Rakata Prime. Just being in orbit around that place had my fur crawling, fortunately we somehow managed to get some needed information out of the local imperial picket ships so our visit was brief. The ship we’re looking for left ages ago, Grethilar here we come.

Coming into the system, we’ve detected a distress signal from one of the asteroids in orbit around a terrestrial planet. We’re taking it slow since we don’t want to run into whatever sent our quarry into distress. Not much info on this backwater except that it exists, plenty of asteroids though, a great place to stash treasure.

Investigating the signal was the most exciting part of this so-called “adventure” thus far. Ruda had an inordinate amount of trouble performing a simple docking maneuver – something to do with the Cathar in her ear. I didn’t expect her to actually let the Cathar have a shot at docking either but after the cat failed I feel certain no one will be piloting the Karstag except Ruda. I was prudent about it and after the second time I simply opened the airlock and jumped to the grounded ship. While the rest landed and played catch-up I got busy checking out the nearest rooms. Nothing of note there, no bodies or anything. Orso seemed half scared when I came back around the corner with my flashlight. I was able to tell that no one was in the front third of the ship so I was tacitly able to steer the search so that Orso and I took the front while Ruda and the cat took the rear of the ship. When we got to the bridge we found the first real signs of combat, blaster marks everywhere. The computer ran – barely – but trying to pull anything useful out of it fried what was left. There wasn’t a datapad or even so much as a chip floating around, which means it all either got ejected with the air or whoever shot up the place was thorough about not being found out. Orso and I left for the cargo bay to catch up to Ruda.

In the cargo bay we got hit with a nasty shock. I heard a sound in the rafters, which was fortunate because if I hadn’t tried to dodge then I’m sure that glop grenade would have strangled me. Still, getting trapped in that stuff kept me from doing anything in the fight that followed, but I was able to call out to Orso to keep him aware as another assailant went at him with a force pike. Something about the being’s movements seemed oddly restrained at the time but I decided that dealing with the attacker in the rafters was going to have to be my priority. I’ve been practicing actually throwing things around in my spare time, and these abilities I find are very useful now that I’m starting to get a handle on them, day to day, but for some reason I can’t seem to use it as well when I need to. All I managed to do was shift the crate I was intending to throw at the other attacker. I could feel my frustration building, and I was tempted to use it, but fortunately Ruda and the cat came back from the engine room. One shot from Ruda’s “Cannon” pretty much took out the guy with the force pike, but Orso managed to top off the shot by cutting the being in half. The cat decided that getting me out of the glop grenade was the best option, I’ve never seen anyone go at the equivalent of concrete with bare hands – claws or not – before, but it did make a difference. I was finally able to focus enough to sense where the remaining attacker ducked behind the door, Ruda took the hint and coordinated what I’m calling the “Orso Rush.” That rodian is some kind of crazy to be willing to go bare handed against someone with a blaster, but they got him to the ground. After escaping the grenade I had a bit of explaining to do with the cat, honestly I’m rather too used to Ruda knowing about me. I’ll have to be more cautious in the future. Fortunately she doesn’t really know how I saw our attacker moving behind the door, or even that the door was closed at the time. While Ruda and Orso dealt with our prisoner and getting the astromech droid onto the ship for the computer data, I was able to find what was left of the cargo. We ended up with some old but probably worthless pottery, a field kitchen, and a portable shelter – in addition to a concussion grenade, glop grenade, and force pike.
I was able to figure out we’d been attacked by yakor, a species that values treasure hunting of all things. He didn’t seem to attached to his friend, or I was reading him wrong, but in exchange for passage we pretty much got him to cooperate. Turns out he and his late friend tried to rip off their less forgiving comrades and got stranded for it. He explained that they weren’t trying to kill us but just wanted to hold us for negotiation off ship. Ruda explained that “opening up negotiations with what we consider hostile acts tends to get people cut in half,” and I am paraphrasing. Since his old comrades took the people we’re looking for, it looks like we’re going to have to find them now.

Breaking into atmosphere soon. From what the yakor tells me, there are some pretty nasty tree octopus things that we really should watch out for. Hopefully I’ll be able to rest up enough to show these sentients how a real scout operates.

This jungle is atrocious. It looks like days just to travel what I could do in mere hours otherwise. Four canopy layers! We landed as close as we could without being spotted.

Finally a chance to rest. Everyone else seems pretty worn out by having to hack and slash our way through the jungle. Shaking the rust off my survival skills didn’t take as long as I thought, which is fortunate because I was able to spot what has to have been the largest example of land-based seafood I’ve ever seen. All of us firing simultaneously into the thing put it down in seconds. From then on we haven’t encountered anything resembling a predator, but the others are still exhausted.

Finally back on the ship. The yakor has been surprisingly loyal, he could have given us away any number of times but he didn’t. We found only one survivor from the Inquisitor, and we were able to get the information we needed from him, but on the way back I had just found some herbs that looked promising for his medical treatment when the human died. With the pirates looking for him in their ship, we knew we couldn’t stay long. I regret not burying the human, but necessity drove us to haste and stealth. There was no way we could stand up to the firepower above us.
We’re heading for one of the asteroid belts now.

1 crate of misc artifacts from extinct race called Killiks
2 crates of Nova Crystals
1 crate of durillium
1 crate of silvery metal cortosis
1 crate of (old) blaster pistols
1 crate of smaller crates we haven’t opened yet

This is all we were able to get out of the “Hoard of Ages.” With all the holes in that ship it wasn’t hard getting in and out, but something about our ship’s presence must have disturbed whatever delicate balance was keeping the ship from being crushed by the asteroids it was nestled between. We didn’t run into any of the fabled droid guards, but I swear I spotted swarms of them flying out of cracks when the ship finally collapsed. I nearly gave into my frustration again as I tried to pull the yakor out of the ship for his own good; damn treasure hunter almost got himself killed trying to pull out another crate. I didn’t succeed like I wanted to but he was lucky enough to make it after all. I can’t say how much cargo we had to let go of but we’ve managed to get enough to nearly fill the Karstag’s cargo bays, between this and the crates we pulled off the Inquisitor. I’m the only one who managed to come back with some nasty bruises and a slight case of whiplash, comes from having a bulkhead hit me on the way out.
There’s no telling how much any of this is worth, although Ruda seems to be rather googly-eyed over the cortosis for some reason. I forgot what she said about it, I’ll ask later. Right now I’m just rather tired and feeling more than a little sick.



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