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My dearest Sister

Letter from Aura DeMille to Cei cei DeMille about the Jewel of Yavin adventure

To my dearest Sister Cei cei

I do apologize for how long it has been since I last wrote. It has been an eternity the last time we spoke.

Well now, it appears I have done som# ethin’ Mother would be ever so proud of. I recently arrived at a place called Cloud City, you would just adore the view. It actually floats, if y’all can believe it! The entire city! just floatin’ in the clouds above the cutest gas giant you’ve ever seen. Now, I just stumbled upon the quantest museum, well, what else could I do, I just had to take a look. and wouldn’t you just know it, there was an entire exhibit for someone name Xim the Despot! Kinda reminding ma someone our uncle James loves. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions like, never know whose readin’, and wouldn’t want to do anythin’ to endanger fathers business dealin’s.

Well, i made a couple o good friends here, and one of em was nice enough to take me to a casino to try my luck like. didn’ make any money, but caught the attention of a beauty. i’ll send a holo with this jus’ so y’all can be jealous like. well, now, we got to talkin, and y’ll know the rest of the story. after though, she told me about an auction tomorrow. somethin called the jewel of yavin. a big deal i guess. i ain’t heard of it though. got myself an invitation to see it. figure i’ll wear somethin mother would be proud of. even better, got to see a race. wore a dress and everythin.

mother would be so proud of me. goin to a dignified race, takin in a museum, and an auction tomorrow. I best do somethin abou this quick. don’t want ‘er to think i’m getting all civilized, now, do we?



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