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My dearest Cei Cei

Jewel of yavin part III, Aura's last letter and confession to her sister

My dearest Cei Cei

I’ve been told i’m allowed to write this to you as an honor to Mother and Father. I suspect it’s for propaganda. With this, they’ll have in my own handwriting the truth, and reasons to crack down harder on any resistance to their rule. clear away any doubts that this was just a robbery, and show that there is an organized resistance against it. while this will hurt some, maybe my death will stir others to rise up against this so called Emperor and his regime of horror. if my death does, than i regret that i will only die once.

you’re about to hear some things in the news about me sis. probably already have. they’re all true. we attacked cloud city to steal the jewel of yavin and fund a rebellion against the empire. i wish i could explain why, but when you’re older, i’m sure you will.

the hour is almost on me. i’m being told i need to stop. please know, my last thought will be of your smiling face. maybe what i did here will help it smile freely.




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