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Jack's Log (2)

Jewel of Yavin part 2

Well, things certainly got interesting. Winning that race made things rather annoying, as I am now apparently a small-time celebrity. Their blatant racism making things easier on me though, amazing how useful being ‘visually unappealing’ is regarding these humans. Anyway, got an invitation to see the Jewel of Yavin sold, yeah! It was… really nice looking. Kinda funny, I get the feeling some of the people there were ONLY there to try and con the others out of bidding. Someone said they knew what I was doing, but man, sure wish they’d tell me what that was. I could use the help, amazed I was able to keep things going as well as I did, there was a huge fight. The darn thing sold for just short of a million, as an intellectual person, I can’t help but feel that guy got it on sale anyway. (Despite people trying to preventing him from bidding, good job.)

Sith, I hate being the center of attention. I don’t mind the ‘popular’ at all, but I can’t help but feel somone(s) is (are) probably reading my stuff. Ah well, the rest of my plans today are kinda boring… and difficult, seeing as the whole plan is to vanish. I need some quiet time to think things through. Waaay easier for me then that other human racer, though. If things go well, I’ll be off planet in no-time, with some decent winnings as well. Just gotta keep my new friends in mind. (Though that other racer seams like a fun guy, might tail him if I get the chance. He wrecks more then he flies, kinda funny.) So, to recap on things I mentioned in my last log: Plan is terrible, good odds of two other parties directly interfering with it, and if it goes bad I’ll be as bad off as my family. However, I did get some good money today, and if things do somehow go well my family will finally be safe. (Although poor, I’ll need to work on fixing that afterward.)



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