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Jack's Log

Jewel of Yavin Part 1

Time appears to be both going too fast and taking too long. Learned a lot today, but nothing I needed to know. Turns out the Flying Muskrats last member managed to get himself a job, a real shame the rest of the crew weren’t around for it, as this one was HUGE… and exactly the sort of ‘last stand suicide’ we’re used to in that respect, though a bit more technical. Not sure how that guy got our number, but hey I won’t argue. Been a bit of a drag, was hoping to make better progress in the time I had. Pulling it off would probably get my family out of the joint, but the whole ‘suicide’ part bothers me.

So, my first idea was to get hired onto the security detail for this awesome gem of some sort they got starting recently, but the museum is all about not involving people, and the gem’s owner is racist. Well, screw them too, I needed a job. Curious about this rock, I asked around, and it seams there are a number of people who want it. Some lady with too much money, an archeologist, previous entry’s ex trying to smite her, some guy working for some mechanical place, someone with fake credentials who they gave up on dissuading from bidding, some local guy, and a couple high business types… if I recall it offhand correctly. Only one of those people seam interested in the gem itself, the rest seam to want it for it’s price, I don’t understand the rich,I guess. I was hoping to have a chat with some of these people, but a race came up.

Oh man, what a race. Some sort of Grand Prix or something, I happen to know the guy who got himself sponsored into the race overnight, and offered my talents to tag along and help him win, and we did. That should get me taken a bit more seriously when I say I’m qualified to work around here, I hope. Or anywhere else that likes racing, I suppose. That was an adrenalin rush, though. Might just learn to race-pilot proper, would be a fun (and short-lived) career move. I’m awfully grateful they slated us as ‘most likely to suck’ in the odds, as the other pilots shot at us the least. They managed to kill off some explosive jellyfish in our way, though. Right after flying through the thickest flock of birds, that was fun… fun as in ‘not at all.’ The more I needed to co-pilot, the less the pilot wanted my help. That guy is a thrill-seeker, and would be fun to hang out with. I’m glad I snagged his number. Wonder what his plans are later? I guess I should ask. Oh, also won money from the race, and can stop by that gem’s auction if I wanted I guess. I might, but the museum guy doesn’t like me already, so I might not push my luck. The money will come in handy, for my family too if things work out here. That sponsor sure got his money’s worth on that race.

Tomorrow is going to stink. I need to learn a lot about shady people in a short time, and get some stuff from them… in one day no less. I’ve learned no-one likes talking to me around here, and it just makes things really hard. Hope they aren’t all racist, that would be lame. Heard there is a hutt, though, he shouldn’t be racist at least. Debt isn’t a good idea, tough. Just keeping it in mind so I know there are options.

In other news, my new friends seam to have everything they were doing sorted out and handled. Awesome, that means I’m the only one behind schedule, and I might have had the hardest job to work with from the start. (I figure the second-hardest, but it is a ‘black box’ difficulty at this point. That sure makes it harder.) So I need to add ‘learn what I’m doing’ and ‘how to do it’ to that short time limit I mentioned. Makes me wish I had those super-powers advertised in those many holo-window displays I saw walking around the place as much as I did. Nice city, though. I wonder what living expenses and wages are like here? Might be worth looking into if my new friends and I manage to get stuff done over the next couple days. If today and yesterday didn’t set me back so far, tomorrow wouldn’t be so bad. The next day should feel like a cake-walk in comparison, hoping I can go on a small vacation after with my share of those race earnings… they were significant enough. Then again, my family needs the money more then I need a vacation. “Duty first, family second.” My dad was very clear on priorities, I guess “Squad mates” are like family, but currently seam to be priority three. Wonder what my dad would say to that. Would he put ‘fun’ at four?



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