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dear Cei Cei

jewel of yavin part II

My dearest Sister

Well, the auction was a rather dreadful affair. That said, I do declare that the young woman i was with was the most beautiful one there. I dare say I got a few stares of jealously. You wouldn’t believe this, but I even saw my’self a Hutt. promise me you won’t tell mother. She would be beside herself if she thought that was the kind of individual I was now seeing. Well, back to the auction, it was a proper affair, with all the mind numbing boredom implied until a bit of excitement. It seems my date’s friend ex boyfriend was there, and I guess it was a bad breakup as at one point he came over an started yelling at her. well, the excitement was just too much for us, and we left seeking more enlightened company.

as always my love to mother and father



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